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Brilliant Nigerian woman breaks record at US university, emerges first black woman to earn PhD in Computer Science & Engineering

A brilliant Nigerian woman named Frances Osamor has made history as the first black woman to earn a Doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington in the United States.

Frances, broke the record as the first-ever black woman to successfully complete a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of the District of Columbia, United States.

The journey towards her history-making achievement began with her undergraduate studies at the same University of the District of Columbia where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science after which she earned a masters degree in Computer Sccience in the same institution.

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She shared her achievement on Instagram noting that she is embracing the success with humility and dignity, recognizing the immense support and love from her hardworking parents, family, and friends that she is grateful for.

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Frances mentioned that the five-year academic journey was filled with challenges and obstacles. However, she persevered and made it through.

She said that now that she is a black woman doctor in the field of computer science and engineering, she is committed to ensuring that her community’s voices are heard, their contributions are recognized, and their representation in technology is given the utmost respect.

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Frances stated that she will strive to make a difference and pave the way for future generations, inspiring and empowering others along the way. She said that discovering that she made the record-breaking achievement motivated her to make the stand.


Encouraging others who want to achieve the same feat and are confused about how to go about it, Frances said they should remember, that hardships and struggles are only temporary. She said soon they will look back with a smile, knowing that they have turned their biggest dreams into reality.

”I stand as a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. People may doubt you, but never let their doubts shake your confidence. Trust in your abilities and have faith, for God’s timing is always perfect,” she said.

Frances said she is excited and determined to start a new phase in her life acknowledging her strong will and ability to recover from challenges. She added that she believes that she will continue to accomplish wonderful things in the future.

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