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Brilliant young girl graduates high school with 4.70GPA, wins full scholarship to Top US university

A brilliant young girl named Rayna Franklin has won a full scholarship to the university after graduating from Adelanto High School in the United States with an outstanding 4.70 cumulative grade point average.

Rayna graduated from Adelanto High School with a remarkable 4.70 cumulative grade point average. She was awarded a four-year full scholarship by Brown University, one of the Ivy League Schools in the United States.

She connected with the prestigious university through a program called QuestBridge, which helps find college opportunities for the brightest students in the United States. Rayna said she visited several colleges either in person or virtually after her junior year.

Some of the universities she visited include Dartmouth University, Pomona College, CalTech University, and Wellesley. She said she had an opportunity to visit Brown University and take a week of special summer classes for prospective students, but the fare was not affordable.


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Rayna said she made up her mind to skip the visit however, one of her teachers took to social media to help raise funds so she could make the trip. The gesture turned out to be good, as Brown University offered Rayna the scholarship.

She is a member of Adelanto High School’s Black Student Union and also the Heritage Program, a pilot program at her high school that aims to close the achievement gap by supporting African-American students in attaining college readiness.

She is one of dozens of Heritage students who have been accepted to colleges and universities and she hopes that her achievement will inspire some of her classmates who are unsure about college.



“Heritage is an excellent tool for people who aren’t really thinking about higher education because it really gives the foundation, the groundwork of what goes into trying to get into the whole system,” she said.

“It makes it more attainable when you know someone who has done it. I think just knowing someone who has done it makes it more possible to achieve,” she added.

Rayna mentioned that she has not decided on what she will be studying for her bachelor’s degree but she chose Brown  University for its “small, liberal-arts college feel.”

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