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Brilliant young girl graduates US high school with 4.00GPA, wins $100,000 scholarship to the university

A brilliant young girl named Cayla Withers has earned 100 thousand dollars worth of scholarship offers to the university after graduating from A.L. Brown High School, North Carolina in the United States with a perfect 4.00 cumulative grade point average.

Cayla graduated from A.l. Brown High School with an outstanding 4.00 cumulative grade point average. She was awarded a 100 thousand dollars worth of scholarship by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

She stated that she was disappointed about how the COVID-19 pandemic disturbed the school, she did not know the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. planned to surprise her with a historic gift.

Cayla said she knew she was a scholarship finalist with her countless extracurricular activities and 4.0 grade point average. But she immediately broke down in tears in anticipation of some important news when the organization came to surprise her.



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She received 100,000 dollars, which is billed as the largest single scholarship given by a black Greek fraternity or sorority. She said the scholarship would help her continue her education at the University of Virginia.

Cayla mentioned that she would pursue her dream of becoming an aerospace engineer at NASA after she graduated. Her mother, Sheba Cuthbertson said she would be the first-ever engineer in their family.

While a student, Cayla was not only an excellent student, she also founded the junior chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. 


Cayla said she reminds herself of the words she wrote in her application essay months ago stating that the words are just as true now as they were then. “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream. Radiating pure beauty, strength, and magic,” she said.

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