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Despite working as a full-time shoemaker while studying, young lady bags 4.55/5.00 first-class in Animal Science

While juggling a full-time business as a Shoemaker and her studies, a young lady named Lala Adepeju has successfully graduated from the Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Nigeria with a 4.55/5.00 first-class degree in Animal Science.

Lala bagged her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with remarkable first-class honors. She shared her achievements on Linkedin in bagging the degree stating that her success is a blend of transitions between Shoe Crafting and becoming a proud Animal scientist.

She stated that she is excited to announce her excellent academic achievement and share the story of how she aced all her modules while honing her artistic skills in shoemaking craft.

”My academic roadmap to graduating with a first-class degree (4.55/5.00) is a blend of transitions between Shoe Crafting and becoming a proud Animal scientist,” she said.


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Lala stated that growing up, her sights were set on a career in Human medicine. However, after facing setbacks in securing a University admission, she discovered her love for Shoe craft while taking an A-level program.

She said despite all her efforts to study Human Medicine, she eventually found herself admitted to study Animal Science at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. Lala said throughout her academic journey, she balanced her studies with building capacity in her shoe-making skills to support herself financially.

Lala stated that she juggled lectures, training, and research projects, and embraced the challenges that came her way, evolving from a day reader to a dedicated night-time learner.


Lala said the pressure intensified as she approached my final year adding that she juggled ‘fulfilling shoe orders’ with ‘academic demands’, including completing her project research.

She stated that despite the challenges, she remained active in various extracurricular activities, serving in leadership roles within her department and Christian fellowship, tutoring fellow students, and contributing to her community.

She expressed her gratitude to her project supervisor, Anthony H. Ekeocha, as well as mentors and friends who supported her along the way. Lala mentioned that her business has evolved and has been branded “DETAILS BY LALA”.

Lala said as she embarks on the next chapter of her journey, she is eager to explore job and postgraduate opportunities aligned with her passion for livestock agriculture, as she is determined to achieve all her career goals.

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