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Determined 41-year-old woman achieves dream of becoming a Lawyer after 20 years, celebrates achievements

A determined 41-year-old woman named Amber Goodwin has achieved her dream of becoming a Lawyer after twenty years of graduating from college.

Amber Goodwin graduated from college 20 years ago with hopes of enrolling law school immediately but was not accepted. After not being accepted into any law school in the United States, she eventually went on to earn her master’s degree.

She bagged a masters degree and built a career for herself on Capitol Hill while also founding the Community Justice Action Fund (CJAF), a gun violence prevention program focused on communities of color.

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At the age of 38, Amber decided to give law school one more try. She was accepted into Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota in United States.

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”I’m going to keep applying places, and they have to tell me no. I’m not going to call the question on myself. If people tell me no, then that’s on them, and I’ll just keep trying,,” she wrote on a post on Twitter.

She shared her accomplishment of finally becoming a Lawyer on Twitter at the age of 41 encouraging other women that it is never too late to follow their dreams.

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“Sorry, not sorry in advance for all the law graduation photos y’all are about to get. I’m 41, never been married, have no kids, and most days, society refuses to celebrate people like me. It’s been a very rough year, but this is a bright spot for many of us. It was all worth it,” Amber said.


”A lot of times, things like graduating law school aren’t just seen as a win for someone who is 41 years old. This gave me a sense that people were standing right next to me as I was getting really great news and times when I was maybe not feeling sure of myself,” she added.

She said while she still desires to be married and have children, she is not waiting for those moments to celebrate herself. She stated that she hopes to inspire other women to live their lives in a way that pleases them while celebrating themselves along the way.

“I want everything, but just because I’m 41 and haven’t accomplished some of those things doesn’t mean that my life is a failure. I think everyone’s life should be validated and celebrated. I hope that people take away that there’s no one way to live the life you have, and life should be lived and celebrated literally every single day,” she said.

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