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Determined Nigerian man fights hard to win 2 top scholarships after suffering 10 rejections, bags master degree at UK university

A determined Nigerian man named Hameed Kayode Alabi who suffered several rejections in an attempt to further his education in the United Kingdom has finally won the prestigious Chevening scholarship to study for his master’s in the country.

Hameed obtained his masters degree in African and International Development at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Narrating his story on Linkedin, he stated that he is sharing his story so that others can find hope in it

He mentioned that he started applying for scholarships in August 2018 and every scholarship he applied to until August 2019 was rejected. Hameed said in February 2019, he was longlisted for the Chevening Scholarship and asked to submit two references but he was rejected.

Hameed said he had bragged to his cousin that he could not possibly be rejected. However, the cousin warned him to be prepared for the worst but he ignored him. He stated that with nervousness, he submitted four applications for different Commonwealth-shared programs the same night.

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Hameed said he also received another rejection from the MasterCard Foundation at the University of Edinburgh to study Africa and International Development in February 2019 and another from the Commonwealth Scholarship rejection in April of the same year.

He said he got five Commonwealth Shared Rejection emails simultaneously in 2019 time after he had been accepted into five schools. Hammed said he made an effort to apply to the schools using free midnight data to work on his application every night. 

”In between, I had gotten admission to all 5 schools. You could imagine, the work I had put into applying to those schools. I use free midnight data to work on my application every night. One school per midnight,” he said.



Hameed mentioned that the University of Bristol, United Kingdom convinced him to apply for their Think Big Scholarship which covers just tuition in July and he was still rejected in two cycles totalling all of the rejections into ten. 

He stated that luck began to shine on him in August 2019 after he received a congratulatory email from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom with his tuition covered and 11,000 pounds for living expenses. 

Hameed said he turned it down. He had just been accepted for the Peace First Fellowship-in-Residence program which he saw as a great choice because he had the opportunity to work with the best minds and support youth social change projects in more than 30+ Sub-Saharan countries.

He stated that he reapplied to the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at Edinburgh and Chevening Scholarship in 2019 and 2020 and he got into their interviews.

Hameed said he was awarded both scholarships but opted for the MasterCard Foundation at the University of Edinburgh to study Africa and International Development and to complement his work at Peace First and KLCI.

Sharing his achievement of graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Hameed said the success is a testament to dreams coming true. He said it is proof that every child deserves a chance,  to have access to opportunities that would change their lives forever and deserve a chance to get a scholarship.

He said it is the evidence, that no matter where one was raised or the circumstances they have inherited, one can still make things happen, a testament that even in a country like Nigeria, where the odds are against you and your dreams seem impossible that I can dream.

Hameed stated that he owes his achievement to those who have supported him along the journey, who have invested in him to be better, and trusted him to pass the baton down. He added that as he continues to learn in the space, he hopes to help other people cross and change the circumstances they have inherited.


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