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Exceptional 11-year-old girl who beats Albert Einstein IQ record is set to earn Masters degree in Mathematics

11-year-old Adhara Pérez Sánchez who beats Albert Eisntein’s IQ record at the age of 8 has now achieved another exceptional feat after enrolling at the Technological University of Mexico to earn a Masters degree in Mathematics.

Adhara Pérez Sánchez scored an outstanding IQ score of 162 at the age of 8 and thereafter earned a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from CNCI University, Mexico and also in Industrial Engineering. Her IQ score of 162 was two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

While growing up, her parent first noticed her advanced capabilities when she was a toddler. She was able to read and write by the age of three and by the time she was five, she was doing complex algebraic equations. She has a fascination with space and is able to solve problems that even adults find challenging.

Adhara’s passion for learning earned her her two Bachelor’s degrees which she achieved when she was just eight years old. She was able to complete a degree in Industrial Engineering in just two years, an accomplishment that typically takes four to five years.

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According to DailyMail, Adhara was always driven by her dream of becoming an Astronaut with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Her achievements have made her a role model for young people around the world, and she has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades.


After earning two Bachelor’s degrees, Adhara is now enrolled at the Technological University of Mexico to earn her Master’s degree in Mathematics at the age of 11.

She is well-positioned to achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut and going to Mars. With her intelligence and determination, there is no doubt that she has a bright future ahead of her. Read more about Adhara Pérez Sánchez’s story HERE.

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