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Exceptional 14-year-old girl bags three degrees from US university, sets record

An exceptional 14-year-old girl named Anita Bennet has bagged 3 associate degrees from Cuyahoga Community College in the United States.

Anita Bennet recently earned her Associates of Science degree from the Cuyahoga Community College. She had earlier received her Associate of Arts and Associate of Technical Studies in Child Care and Management degrees from the same college.

Anita is a participant of the Ohio Connection Academy online program that which allows her to be able to take her college classes. She was able to earn the degrees without her high school diploma through  the College Credit Plus Program (CCP), a dual-credit program that allows students to earn a high school and college credit simultaneously.

“I already have my associate of arts and associate technical studies in child care, administration and management,” Anita said.

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“I should have four degrees by the time I’m done with high school because I’m going to start working on my bachelor’s degree starting in August of this year. So by the time I’m done with high school, I should have that as well,” she added.

She mentioned that the accomplishment runs in their family and that was what inspired her to follow their footsteps. Anita’s oldest sister Angel Bennet started college courses when she was 13, and her other sister Amber Bennet began when she was 11.

“When you don’t know about college, that kind of stuff, it can seem really, really hard, and it could seem impossible at times. But just knowing that if you put your mind to it, you can do it and that the sky’s the limit and you create your own boundaries,” she said.

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Anita said she wants to be a Child Administrator like her mother and she hopes to take over her mother’s business, a five-star licensed home childcare service.

“Seeing my mother and how hard she worked and how she got her business running and how successful it was really inspired me to go to that field as well. And I’ve always had a passion and a love for children, so I knew I wanted to do something like that with my life,” Anita said.

“So seeing her already have a successful business, it only makes sense to me to take over that when I get older since I wanted to work in the childcare industry as well,” she added.

Anita said she is looking to attend Cleveland State University or Notre Dame College for her bachelor’s degree.

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