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Exceptional 8-year-old girl becomes a Neuroscientist, opens online school to teach millions of people

An exceptional 8-year-old girl named Amoy Antunet has become a neuroscientist through practical science experiments she does on her own in her bedroom. She also has an online school to teach millions of people science across the world.

Amoy Antunet is a young scientist from Atlanta Georgia. She developed an interest in science at a very young age after coming across a microscope owned by her father, who was then a college student. She then got hooked on the microscope and soon she started to use it with her father.

According to Amoy’s father, Davin Shepherd, he started explaining everything he was studying during his biology classes and reading his textbooks to her after he noticed Amoy’s interest, and to his greatest surprise, she grabbed quickly for someone of her age.

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Later on, Antunet created her own personal lab in her bedroom with a collection of test tubes, replica organs, microscopes, and chemicals she built for herself. Seeing this, her father then decided it was time they showed the world what Antunet was capable of at her very young age.

“At first I thought it was cute but then I started seeing how she really grasped some of it. It’s one of the things she does for playtime now, she will put on a lab coat and run to the lab and do all the stuff she wants,’’ he said.

When Antunet was five, she together with her father took to the internet to share their experiences and give general lessons from their mini laboratory. They performed experiments, explained basic science concepts and mind-boggling topics including cell division, the heart, and how the brain works to their audience wearing white lab coat.

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Antunet said she makes her videos because she wants to help people understand different types of science. She also wishes to be a neurosurgeon with the hope of helping people with heart and brain diseases.

“When I was a little girl I said I wanted to be a pharmacist but now I want to be a neurosurgeon who helps people with neurological disorders. So far I’ve mostly learnt about the heart and the brain and I want to learn about Multiple Sclerosis in the future so I can help sick people like my aunt, who has it,” she said.

Now, Antunet’s explainer videos has gained a lot of traffic, especially on her Facebook page ‘’Science For Children with Amoy Antunet’’ have over a million views with not just children as their audience.

Apart from being a neuroscientist, Antunet also enjoys solving mathematics problems and doing gymnastics. “If you scratch out the science stuff, I’m actually pretty normal,” she said.

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Antunet exceptional talents have enabled her to gain recognition from all over the country. She was recently invited to speak in the University of Alabama’s Neuroscience Lab. She was also interviewed by CNN, BBC, and other major media outlets in the United States.

She was also a keynote speaker at a Youth Innovation Summit that helps students get more interested in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs.

She advised students to always act on their potential and should also give way to go for what their heart wants.“They should act on their potential, and if there’s something that you really like you should act on it,’’ she said.

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