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Exceptional African teacher draws Microsoft word on blackboard to teach school kids, shines across the world

An exceptional Ghanian teacher known as Richard Appiah Akoto has amazed the world with his talent and core determination to impact his students with the knowledge of computers.

Richard who teaches young pupils at the Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High School, Ghana used chalk to draw the exact interface of Microsoft Word on a blackboard. His tenacity to ensure his students understand how to use computers led him to carry out such a difficult task.

His action caught the attention of Microsoft and other companies around the world with all of them acknowledging that such devotion fosters growth in education. He was also reported to be known for drawing computer devices such as monitors, system units, keyboards, a mouse, formatting toolbars etc. on the chalkboard in an effort to show his students what a computer screen looks like.

In 2018, Richard appeared on Microsoft Educator Exchange in Singapore and was honoured with a long and standing ovation from fellow educators who appreciated the impact he made.

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“I wanted to teach them how to [use] Microsoft Word. But I had no computer to show them. I had to do my best. So, I decided to draw what the screen looks like on the blackboard with chalk,” Akoto said in an interview with Microsoft at the event.

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Richard’s effort brought the school to the limelight and several organizations proudly donated laptops and other computers to enhance the growth and development of their students.

The Seminars and abroad experience gave Richard the ability to understand what teaching will become in the future. “Since returning from the event, I feel confident knowing what the future holds, for my profession as well as for my students who are preparing to enter the digital age. I teach with even more enthusiasm today because I know what the digital world of tomorrow looks like,” he said.

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With the school now having lots of computers to work with and an IT laboratory where the students can operate the computers themselves, Richard now teaches them with a real-life computer.

“It gives me joy to watch them learning to create the types of skills they will use in the future. From PowerPoint presentations to website codes, these kids are becoming future-ready and I am helping them as best I can using the knowledge I gained at E2 and the Microsoft Certified Educator Programme,” Richard opined.

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