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Explainer: How to Secure Fully Funded Scholarships Abroad With HND, 2:2 and Third Class

Do you seek to secure a fully funded scholarship abroad with an HND from a polytechnic or a Second-Class Lower [2:2] or a Third-Class grade from the university?

Studying abroad via fully funded Masters or PhD scholarships have often been misconstrued to be available to only candidates with First Class and Second Upper grades. This post has been created to show you that your HND, 2:2 or third class grades can get you a fully funded scholarship in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

In order to prove to you that this is not a tongue-in-cheek story, take a look at the pictures below; 

HND Student won Erasmus 2021
2022 Erasmus Mundus winner with 2:2

Now that you are convinced that it is not just possible, it has been done, below are proven ways to securing your lifelong fully funded scholarship.

Obtain a WES Equivalent of Your Result

Your HND result can be converted to its Bachelors equivalent by the World Educational System (WES) credential evaluation services.

WES helps academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and employers by evaluating degrees and diplomas earned abroad to determine their U.S. equivalencies. WES-evaluated results are accepted by universities all over the world. This is why universities request a Bachelors degree or its equivalent.”  You must have seeen from the image of Sheriff up there that his combined ND and HND degrees amounted to a whopping 3.93/4.0.

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So what about a 2:2 or a third-class graduate?

WES evaluates the courses relevant to your degree. A course-based evaluation would remove irrelevant courses you probably borrowed or the boring GNS/GST/GES courses, hence a rise in your CGPA probably to a Second-Class Upper grade!. Is that not interesting? 

Take up Top-up, Postgraduate Diploma or Pre-Masters Degree

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Garner Enough Relevant Research and Work Experience

Research and Work experiences are core graduate school admission requirements everywhere in the world. This is not restricted to only students with low grades or HND degrees.

So your 2 or 3-month Student Industrial and Work Experience Scheme (SIWES ) programmes should not be a waste if you intend to pursue a postgraduate study abroad. There is also a 1-year SIWES for HND and 6-month Industrial Training (IT) programmes for universities students in science and technology fields.

Sheriff there had 2 different relevant work experiences while the guy with the 2:2 had four whopping years of experience. No admission commitee would turn that down.

Take up a Masters Degree

An excellent result in a Masters degree annuls the effect of your low Bachelors CGPA. The man form Kebbi above had a 2:2, proceeded to do his Masters and finished with an outstanding 80%. That won him an Erasmus Scholarship. Several others have won the Chevening scholarship, Chinese Government scholarship (ANSU) and fully funded scholarships in the USA with this method.

Many other UK scholarships require students with 2:2 Bachelors grade to supplement their results with an excellent Masters degree.

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Participate in Volunteering Activities

For scholarships like Mastercard, Chevening and Erasmus Mundus, your CGPA takes only a fraction of the total criteria. Leadership and volunteering experiences contribute largely also. Several testimonies of students with 2:2 grades winning these prestigious scholarships have dominated social media in recent times.

Write a Very Convincing Personal Statement/Essay

Your personal statement is your attorney or representative to the selection committee. With sufficient work and research experiences, you can convince the committee that your CGPA is not a direct reflection o your abilities. Many people have won fully funded scholarships to the USA using this method.

Come up with a convincing (Statement of Purpose) SOP that reflects how motivated and capable you are for the programme, and get that offer you have always dreamt about.   

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