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Explainer: Universities in the USA with Application Fee Waivers for 2023 Admission

Do you wish to study in the USA but have challenges with application fees?

Many students from developing nations especially countries where the exchange rates are extremely high, usually finds it difficult to pay the non-refundable $60 -$75 to required by their prospective institutions to process their applications.

Application fees are usually charged by host institutions from every applicant as processing fees , and are not refundable.

This article has compiled a list of universities in the USA with application fee waivers for eligible candidates.

Several scholarships are available in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada that offer full scholarships and monthly allowances. Here are some suggestions you should check out;

How to Get Application Fee Waivers

You can get application fee waivers through;

  • Mailing program coordinators/ Office of Graduate School Admissions

You can send an e-mail to the grad school coordinator of your programme or the office of postgraduate school admissions of your desired school to request application fee waivers. This email should demonstrate your indigence and the lack of financial ability to pay the fee.

  • Early Application

Early applicants are sometimes fortunate to enjoy application waivers. Early application does not just grant you fee waivers, they give you a very high chance of getting selected.

  • Attending Graduate School Fair or Open Day

In most cases, attendees of graduate school fair sessions are given free coupons for application fee waivers. You should visit the graduate school website of your desired school to register and attend the virtual programme.

  • Using Free Code on the School’s Website

Some schools make free codes available to few students on their application websites. These codes will only work for a few number of students before it exceeds maximum usage. All applicants are advised to apply as possible.

You can also check out various fully-funded scholarships that are ongoing y their categories below;

Universities in the USA with application fee waivers

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