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Homeless boy gets chance to prove himself, wins scholarship to US university

A determined homeless boy, Tanner Wilson has fought his way to earn a scholarship to further his undergraduate studies at the university despite facing the challenges of being homeless.

Tanner is a graduate of Marshfield High School, United States who won the Ford Family Foundation Scholarship which would fund 90 percent of his college education. He was one of thousands of students who applied for economic aid after turning in his Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)essays.

“After you do that, they give you a list of what you qualify for and I chose to apply for the top 20 scholarships on mine. Then I heard back from the Ford Family Scholarship,” he said.

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The scholarship pays for 90 percent of his college cost, which includes tuition, room and board. “That’s really big for me because I’m an independent student and wouldn’t have been able to afford any university before this,” he said.

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Tanner said he believes it is his background that sets him apart from other applicants. For all of his teen years, he has been homeless pushing his way through high school while staying with friends wherever he could. 

He said though he never had to live on the streets, he still did not have a home. “I’ve had an unfortunate background. I came from very little and I have been able to succeed,” he said.

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Tanner said he wrote about his life experience in his OSAC essay attributing his perseverance as the factor in achieving the award.“I was able to roll with the punches. Through what was happening, I still got good grades and helped with my community,” he said.




He said when he heard that he won the scholarship, he was shocked. Tanner added that he hopes that other kids like him see this as an opportunity. “People say these are life-changing scholarships and they are,” he said.

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“I am proud of myself for this and happy that there are these chances available for people in my situation. There are a lot of kids, especially in our community with impoverished backgrounds and this shows them that regardless of where you come from you can do better, you can go to college,” he added.

Tanner stated that he has been accepted to Oregon State University’s pre-engineering program. He said he has plans of becoming an electrical engineer, where he can get a job that lets him see the world.

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