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Top 10 Websites for IELTS Preparation

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers. IELTS is jointly owned and administered by the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English.

IELTS is a four-skills test, which means that it assesses your English language skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The test is scored on a scale of 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest score.

With the abundance of resources available online, it can be overwhelming to choose the best websites for IELTS preparation. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 websites for IELTS preparation to help you achieve your desired score and improve your English language skills.

There are two main types of IELTS tests:

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training:

IELTS Academic:
IELTS Academic is designed to measure your English language proficiency and to assess if it is suitable for an academic environment. The test reflects aspects of academic language and evaluates whether you’re ready to begin training or studying in English.

IELTS General Training:
IELTS General Training is designed to measure your English language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The test reflects both workplace and social situations.

Here are some of the reasons why people take IELTS:

  • To study at a university in an English-speaking country
  • To migrate to an English-speaking country
  • To work in an English-speaking country
  • To get a job that requires English language proficiency
  • To volunteer or participate in an English-speaking program

Top 10 Websites for IELTS Preparation

Here are the top 10 websites that can help you prepare for the IELTS exam:

1. Global Exam:

GlobalExam is an online platform that offers practice for a variety of language tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, Linguaskill (Bulats), IELTS, HSK, and Business English exams. It provides thorough preparation for language exams, allowing individuals to improve their language skills and obtain certifications.

The platform is recognized for its dependability and ease of use, delivering millions of exams globally at test centers, schools, or through online methods.

2. IELTS Simon:

IELTS Simon is a valuable tool for those preparing for the IELTS exam, providing online lessons and practice tests. Simon’s website (ielts-simon. study) offers materials for writing, reading, speaking, and listening, all taught by a former IELTS examiner.

Simon offers guidance on creating study plans and effective schedules and provides insights into study schedules based on questions from previous students.

3. IELTS Advantage

IELTS Advantage is a thorough platform that provides both free materials and premium courses for IELTS preparation. The website, IELTSAdvantage.com, offers top-notch resources to aid individuals in excelling in the IELTS exam.

They believe that their free materials are better than other paid courses. In addition to their website, IELTS Advantage has a YouTube channel called “IELTS Advantage on YouTube,” which offers supplementary content and guidance, including tutorials like “How to Paraphrase in the IELTS Test.”

This platform is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to enhance their IELTS performance through a combination of free and premium materials.

4. IELTS-exam.net: 

IELTS-exam.net is a comprehensive platform for getting ready for the IELTS test. It has over 500 free practice questions for listening, reading, writing, and speaking tests in both academic and general training modules.

The IELTS-Exam.net Practice Tests on “ielts-writing.info” offer a lot of practice for all four IELTS modules at the level of the real exam. The website provides free online IELTS practice tests for 2023, so candidates can prepare using tests that are like the actual IELTS exams.

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5. IELTS Tutorials

Begin your IELTS test preparation online at no cost with IELTS Tutorials. Get access to practice tests, resources, and coaching for both academic and general training.

Discover free IELTS video lessons provided by the British Council. These videos focus on important areas such as fluency and grammar, which are key components assessed in the reading section of the IELTS test.

6. IELTS Mentor

IELTS Mentor is an online platform that helps IELTS candidates evaluate, prepare, and practice for the IELTS test.

The website focuses on the IELTS Academic module, which assesses English proficiency for degree courses or professional training. It offers helpful tips and guides for different sections, such as improving reading skills and preparing for the test without coaching.


IELTS Liz is a thorough resource for IELTS preparation, providing free tips, model answers, topics, practice lessons, and videos. The website offers valuable content for IELTS test-takers, including tips and practice materials.

Additionally, it provides preparation courses with a review of their features, advantages, and disadvantages. IELTS Liz also has a YouTube channel that features content like “Improving from Band 7.5 to 8.5 – English Pro Tips”.

8. IELTS Buddy

IELTS Buddy is a website that provides free preparation for the IELTS test, aiming to improve scores in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It covers topics like IELTS band scores, scoring for each section, and tips on achieving a good score in the IELTS General Test.

The site gives important advice to help people reach their target IELTS scores. In addition, IELTS Buddy has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, offering extra resources and information about preparing for the IELTS test.


9. Road to IELTS:

Road to IELTS is a well-known online course for IELTS preparation offered by the British Council. It’s designed to help people get high scores on the IELTS exam.

The course is available on the official website RoadtoIELTS.com and is a helpful resource for those aiming to achieve a great IELTS score. It also gives information on how to book the IELTS exam through the British Council.

It’s a licensed platform that provides extensive practice materials. It covers different parts of the IELTS exam to improve language skills and strategies for taking the test.


IELTS UP is a valuable online resource that provides free IELTS preparation materials, such as test samples, lessons, exercises, and strategies for maximizing scores. The website offers online lessons and practice tests to improve readiness for the exam.

It is a free online IELTS preparation resource that offers IELTS test samples, lessons, exercises, and score-maximizing strategies

IELTS scores are reported on a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest. The overall band score is an average of the scores in the four skills. Different institutions and organizations may have specific score requirements for admission or employment purposes.

These websites have resources available to help with IELTS preparation. You can also find practice tests, study guides, and other materials online and in libraries.

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