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Study-In-Malaysia: 2022 Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (UMS) Scholarship For Graduate Students

The Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ITBC) is pleased to offer competitive scholarships to Graduate students taking any of our full-time Master’s courses.

The Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ITBC) was founded in 1996 at the University of Malaysia (UMS), Sabah. With the coordinating assistance of the Institute, local and international scientists can better explore the diverse terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems of the tropics, especially Sabah.

The aims and objectives of the institute are;

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  • To be a research and reference centre in the field of tropical biology and conservation,
  • To be a reference point for local biodiversity; to aid in management and environment impact assessments,
  • To carry out studies on tropical rainforests and freshwater ecosystems as well as the conservation of these habitats and their inhabitants,
  • To provide well-trained and skilled manpower in the fields of tropical biology and conservation through long and short-term research / training programmes and postgraduate supervision,
  • To disseminate biodiversity knowledge by organizing conferences and workshops.

Scholarship Summary

Availaible fields:

1.   Bee Keeping, Pollinator Conservation, and Honey Production 
Call for MSc/PhD position in Honey Production
Scholarship details


Candidates who are interested in exploring bee’s health and high quality honey production through investigation of bees foraging range, floral preference and diversity are advised to apply for this.

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2.   MSc in Management of Insecticide Resistance with Artificial Intelligence

This research at The Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation is aimed at the development of a machine learning model to detect and classify insecticide resistance based on the pattern of acylcarnitine and amino profiles.

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Scholarship Requirements:

To be considered for this position, you must:

  • Have a bachelors degree in Biology/Tropical Biology/ Entomology/ Biochemistry/ Computer Science/ Data Analytics or any related field. 
  • Have a CGPA of > 3.00
  • Be competent in field works, chemistry and biochemistry techniques
  • Be able to work independently

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The scholarship will provide a full tuition fee waiver for the two years, training and a monthly stipend will be provided. 

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3.   MSc/PhD in Phytochemistry or Ethnopharmacaology

The research associated with this project is a field exploration of villages in Sabah. Interesting plants are to be subjected to pharmacological testing and active principles will be characterized.

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4.   MSc in Ecology and Population Size Estimation

This research focuses on the elephant opulation size estimation using dung-count-based survey methods. It will provide a baseline on elephant population size and will allow a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the evaluation of the Bornean Elephant Action Plan (BEAP).

Scholarship requirements

To be considered for this position, you must:

  • Hold a BSc in a related field
  • Be proficient in English (Oral and writing)
  • Be independent, hardworking and self-motivated
  • Be able to carry out filed work.
How to apply
  1. For Bee Keeping, Pollinator Conservation, and Honey Production: 

 Interested candidates are to send a mail of ‘expression of interest’ to Dr Zoe Yek Sze Huei through szehuei@gmail.com

2.  MSc in Management of Insecticide Resistance with Artificial Intelligence

Interested candidates should forward his/her CV to songquan.ong@ums.edu.my

3.  For MSc/PhD in Phytochemistry or Ethnopharmacology

Interested candidates should email Dr. Christophe Wiart via asianjpharmacog@gmail.com or christophewiart@ums.edu.my

4. For MSc in Ecology and Population Size Estimation

Interested candidates are to submit a short video (2 – 3 minute duration) and a motivation essay to nurzhafarina@ums.edu.my

Deadline: Not specified

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