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Mother and Daughter graduates US Medical school same day, sets record

A mother and daughter, have achieved outstanding success after they both earned their Medical degrees from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, in the United States at the same time.

Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and Jasmine Kudji are a mother-daughter duo who made the news after graduating from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) and starting their medical residencies at Louisiana State University Health System.

Cynthia Kudji Sylvester who is from Ghana told People that she decided to become a doctor at the age of 19 when she went to visit Ghana which meant a young woman who had a sick child and needed a doctor to treat her.

“My mom wanted us to have a family trip back to Ghana and there was an incident where we were in the village and somebody just walked up to us and said that their child had a fever and was sick and wanted my mom and I to help. We put the child in water, trying to get the temperature down, and that’s pretty much all I remember,” she said.

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She said just a year after the trip to Ghana, she became pregnant with her daughter Jasmine during her senior year at Tulane University, and had to put her dreams on hold.“Medical school at that time was out of the question,” she said.

After she bagged her bachelor’s degree in Biology, she proceeded to nursing school at William Carey University and later went on to Loyola University to earn a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

“I had to put my dream of being a physician on hold because I needed a job. I needed to bring in an income. And so that’s where being a nurse came in,” she said. Cynthia worked as a Registered Nurse and a Nursing Assistant but eventually decided, after being in nursing for almost a decade, that she wanted to become a physician.


She proceeded to become a nursing assistant and eventually worked her way up to nurse practitioner over the next 10 years. Jasmine on the other hand grew up visiting her mother in hospitals and watching her work as a nursing assistant.

“Being exposed to patients and being exposed to medicine at such an early age, it wasn’t really something I just decided to do. It’s just something that was always a part of my life, so much of it was just natural,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine stated that seeing her mother care for patients inspired her to pursue a career in medicine which she did as she attended Louisiana State University, New Orleans for her undergraduate degree.

Cynthia said seeing her daughter pursue a degree in medicine rekindled her dream to become a physician and she enrolled in the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts at the age of 43.

Immediately after Jasmine graduated from Louisiana State University, she joined her mother at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences. “The thing that’s difficult about medical school is that not everyone truly understands what you go through during those four to five years that you’re there,” she said.

”So having my mom be the person who does understand that was great. You’re just able to rely on each other throughout the entire process,” she added. The mother and daughter duo began their residences together through the Louisiana State University Health System.

Jasmine is at Louisiana State University Health in New Orleans pursuing general surgery, and Cynthia is at Lafayette University focusing on family medicine and practicing their medical career.

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