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Nigerian-American boy breaks US High School record after graduating with 5.63GPA, emerges first-ever black valedictorian

A brilliant Nigerian American boy named Timi Adelakun has emerged as the first black valedictorian to graduate from South Broward High School in Florida, United States with an exceptional 5.63 Grade Point Average.

Timi Adelakun made history by being the first African American with the highest Grade Point in his final year since the over 100 years of inception of the institution.

“It currently has a 5.6045. I think after graduation it’ll go a little bit higher, but that’s my number, it’s good to know,’’ Adelakun mentioned. “It’s good, especially the history-breaking part, that me being the first black valedictorian, and also me having the highest GPA in my school, “It’s good to know,” he added.

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He expressed his gratitude to his school for helping him maintain his excellent academic records. He said he took advantage of the school’s American College of Education programs that allow students to receive college credits while in high school, AP courses, and Broward College courses which boosted his grade points.

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“South Broward sets you up to start off with college-level courses, so you’re pretty much in a good position GPA wise. South Broward High School, which is an Ace Program school, and each Ace class is college credit. At the same time, they offer AP courses and at the same time, they offer Broward College courses.”

“I’ve been taking over 20 college courses worth of credit, and because of that, my AP credits, my Ace credits, and my dual enrollment credits boost my GPA,” he said.

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Adelakun also makes time to enjoy his passion for theatre even with his academic achievements. He is a member of the drama club and the Thespian Honors Society where he has been doing shows and competitions. He also plans to do both in college.

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He was accepted into 8 universities including the University of Miami, Columbia University, Julliard, UCLA, the University of Southern California, Berkeley, The University of Chicago, and Pomona College.

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He made the decision to study at Pomona College, a private liberal arts college in Claremont, California, he says the school did not only offer him a full scholarship but also checks all the boxes he was looking for in an overall college experience.

“I’ll be a student at Pomona College. I received a full scholarship from the institution, so my expenses will be paid if I enroll,” he said.

“I choose that college since I can double major there and it is a liberal arts institution. I study theater and molecular biology” Adelakun added.

Adelakun is looking forward to what lies ahead for him.

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