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Nigerian Architect grows from being a poor student in Nigeria to become a professor in Cyprus, launches company in London

A brilliant Nigerian Architect, Professor Ifeanyi Obi has emerged as one of the most outstanding scholars of construction in Cyprus after having a poor academic run in Nigeria.

Ifeanyi Obi, who narrated his story on Linkedin, stated that he was among the poorest students in his undergraduate class in Nigeria due to personal issues and a prophecy of a prophet claiming he will never achieve academic success.

Obi bagged his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Building Technology from the University of Nigeria, South-East, Nigeria. He however graduated with a second-class lower degree making his future a challenging stive.

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According to him, he applied to 3 universities in the United Kingdom for his Master’s studies and got rejected. He also applied to other Universities in the United States, and Canada and got rejected as well.

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After a series of applications, Obi said he was rejected 16 different times by universities in the UK, US and Canada majorly due to his poor undergraduate performance. He however did not give up on his struggles to achieve success.

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Obi moved ahead of all his rejections and applied for a Master’s Degree in Cyprus. “I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study. I told myself I only could turn my story around. With increased focus and developed study patterns,” he said.

He gained admission to the Girne American University, Cyprus for his Master’s Degree. After a few years of study, Obi graduated with High Honours (3.8) for his Master’s Studies, became the university’s best student and was offered a place for his PhD.

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Obi who said he was not done proving himself to be an exceptional scholar revealed that he bagged his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Construction Management and was offered a Lecturer position at the University – Girne American University, Cyprus.

After just about 4 years of being a Lecturer at the university, Obi was named an Associate Professor of Construction Technology.

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His software company, BuildTech was approved by the United Kingdom endorsement body and he was granted an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software Laboratory in London, UK.

Obi proudly stated that he has now worked in collaboration with almost all the Universities that rejected him in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. He hopes to inspire upcoming generations never to give up on their dreams.

“If you read to this end fam, never give up!” he said.

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