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Nigerian Lady who failed to get admission 4 times finally bags first-class in Mathematics, wins best student award

A brilliant Nigerian lady named Olamide Oluwatade who failed to gain admission into the university for 4 years has finally achieved her dream by graduating with a first-class degree in Mathematics.

Olamide attempted to join the University of Ilorin, Nigeria but was denied admission 4 times before she was finally admitted to study Mathematics. Now she is graduating with an outstanding 4.65 cumulative grade point, the only female first-class graduate and the best-graduating student in her department.

Olamide shared a post on her LinkedIn page celebrating her achievements and expressed how she was able to pull through her challenges while she was in the university.

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“I graduated as the best and only first-class female graduating student from my Department (Mathematics), University of Ilorin, with a Cumulative grade point average of 4.65,” she said.

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Olamide said her future ambition was to be a medical doctor but she was denied admission to study medicine and surgery four times by the university. After her four failed attempts, she decided to study mathematics as she was good at it.

’’Growing up, the last thing I thought I’d become is a mathematician. I wanted to become a doctor and save lives – like every Nigerian child. After 4 years of failed attempts to study medicine in the university, I decided to study Mathematics because I was good at it,’’ she said.

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Describing one of her life challenges, Olamide revealed that she lost her father a week to the university entrance examination which made surviving in the university more difficult at some point.


‘’A week to the university entrance exam, I lost my dad, and I didn’t know where to start from -he was my everything, and I lost him. I think that was the most excruciating moment of my life; I watched my family struggle, especially my mom, and I was trying to figure out how to move on without my dad,’’ she said.

Gaining admission to UNILORIN felt like a dream, but it wasn’t all that dreamy because I knew the fees would take a toll on my mum as I had lost my father,” she added.

But she remained determined and steadfast, she made sure to study hard and work within and off-campus to support her education as well as lessen the burden for the mother.

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Olamide also mentioned that studying hard did not affect her social life on campus, she participated in many extracurricular activities.

“I served as the Student Representative Council for 2 years, I was among the female football team of the department, I volunteered in taking tutorials for students, and I was selected as the financial secretary for the final year department committee,” she said.

Olamide further said she had fun and great experiences while a student. She said she’s open to new experiences and scholarships.

’’Looking back, I had fun in school, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. To God be the glory, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, and I had fun doing it. I am open to new experiences, internships, opportunities, and scholarships,” she added.

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