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Nigerian Pharmacist celebrates starting physical classes in UK, explains rare strategy she used to win a Scholarship award

A brilliant Nigerian pharmacist, Lovelyn Chiamaka Obiakor has celebrated resuming physical classes at Swansea University in the United Kingdom after attending several online classes as a result of several health restrictions.

Chiamaka who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria won a scholarship award to further her study in the United Kingdom.

Narrating how she struggled to bag a scholarship award in Swansea University, she narrated that she had to apply for over 13 different scholarship award before finally bagging an award to study in the United Kingdom.

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Chiamaka who is currently Mandela Washington and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung fellow said she applied for both Government Scholarships and likewise University Scholarships. In her long list of Scholarships she had applied for, she mentioned the Chevening Scholarship, the Commonwealth and more.

The Chevening Scholarship Award is a yearly Master’s Scholarship Award sponsored by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations for International Students. Application for the 2021 award is currently closed and is expected to reopen 2021.

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On the other hand, applications for the Commonwealth Scholarship Award is currently ongoing. It is also a yearly Scholarship Award sponsored by the United Kingdom, providing a lot academic benefits and stipend to candidates from developing countries.

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The opening of the Scholarship was announced in early November 2021 and is expected to close on December 20, 2021. For more details on the benefits and application for the Scholarship Award, See HERE.

In Chiamaka’s story, she explained that getting a Scholarship is not an easy task but is very much possible for everyone that keeps trying. She explained that although she does not have a first class, she still got a Scholarship to study in the UK.

Her story reads: “We finally started face to face lectures today!! So I just want to list some scholarships that I have applied for in the past!

“Have a good result (First class, 2.1, in some exceptional cases 2.2 usually masters in Nigeria). Some scholarships work experience counts. Leadership skills. Community engagement (Don’t think too deep! Those little way you contribute matters). Get your documents ready (Transcript, Degree Certificate, WAEC, IELTS or Letter of Proficiency of English from your Uni) Referee’s! This is so important Presentation your essays. Have access to information!”

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Listing the series of scholarships she has applied for, she enumerated the following Scholarships.

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship (Application currently ongoing – More details HERE)
  • Commonwealth shared
  • (Application currently ongoing – More details HERE)
  • MasterCard Foundation scholarship University of Edinburgh UK.
  • Mastercard Foundation Scholarship University of British Columbia Canada.
  • Three Erasmus Scholarships (Application currently ongoing – More details HERE)
  • Oxford University Internal scholarships including the Wiederfield Hoffman’s Scholarship.
  • Pan African University Scholarship.
  • Koltech Scholarship Russia.
  • Eira-Francis-Davies-Scholarship – for Swansea University (Won).
  • University of Warwick PhD Scholarship.
  • Sweden Scholarship.

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She advised Scholarship seekers to be patient and open minded. She said: “You have to be patient and open minded! I just told myself I won’t quit till I get one! For some Scholarship I had to take some extra online courses to boost my chances! One thing I learnt was not to concentrate on government scholarships but also school scholarships and it worked for me!”

Having won the Swansea University Sponsored Scholarships, she explained that Government sponsored scholarship is very ok but very competitive and always have this tag of returning back to your country.

“Government scholarship is very ok but very competitive and always have this tag of returning back to your country but they would take care of everything both your flight, Visa, TB best, tuition fees and monthly stipends, most school scholarships will pay just your tuition but your not mandated to come back after your program.

“Some organisations also fund studies like ExxonMobil fund some courses in Oxford, GSK fund MSc Public health in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and most of this one’s comes with tuition and stipends and no clause of going back.

“Assume that every school your researching on have internal scholarships! So just double check!! You can also explore other countries like Finland, Denmark, Poland, Neither land, Canada, US, Germany, Sweden,” she wrote through her Linkedin profile.

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