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Top 15 Oil and Gas Scholarships for Nigerian Students | Updated List

Would it not be inappropriate if an oil-producing country does not offer Oil and Gas Scholarships to its citizens?

Nigeria is the largest oil producing nation in Africa, and home to multinational companies such as Shell, Seplat, TotalEnergies, Chevron, Agip, and ExxonMobil. Scholarships offered by these companies are called Oil and Gas Scholarships.

Scholarship Region has in this post, compiled a comprehensive list of scholarships offered by these oil and gas companies for Nigerians at post-primary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

What Are Oil and Gas Scholarships?

For the purpose this article, we have referred to Oil and Gas Scholarships as scholarships offered to students by oil and gas companies.

The Oil and Gas Scholarships for Nigerians are offered as a Joint Venture program between the oil and gas companies and the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC).

What Companies Offer Oil and Gas Scholarships?

Several companies operating within the shores of Nigeria partner with the NNPC and with one another to offer oil and gas scholarships to outstanding Nigerian students. Some of them include;

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Top 15 Oil and Gas Scholarships for Nigerians

PTDF Scholarships 

The Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PTDF) offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate Nigerian students at both local and international institutions.

The PTDF was established to build and train young Nigerians who would qualify as graduates, professionals, technicians and craftsmen in the field of Engineering, Geology, Science and Management in the petroleum sector.

Types of PTDF Scholarships

1. PTDF Local Scholarship

  • Summary: Awarded to students from all tertiary institutions in Nigeria
  • Eligibility: 200L & Postgraduates
  • Reward: N500,000/Yr + Laptop (625,000 first year) | Postgraduates (N700,000/Yr)

2. PTDF Overseas Scholarship

The PTDF also sponsors academically talented students to universities in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, France, and Germany to pursue courses at Masters and PhD levels.

  • Summary: Awarded to graduates applying for MSc and PhD abroad
  • Eligibility: Bachelors degree with a minimum of 2:1
  • Reward: Full Scholarship covering tuition, accommodation, living stipends, travel and visa costs.

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NLNG Scholarships

The Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) annually offers scholarships to Nigerian students at secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The NLNG scholarships are basically for human capital development and encourages high performance.

3. NLNG Post Primary Scholarship

The scheme aims at supporting high performing basic six pupils in company’s host communities and the oil-producing states of Nigeria to access secondary school education uninterruptedly. 

  • Eligibility: Primary Six (6) students 
  • Reward: Full Secondary School scholarship
4. NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship

Many undergraduates from various universities in Nigeria have benefited from the scholarship scheme.

  • Eligibility: 100L 
  • Reward: N300, 000 per awardee for an academic year and it runs throughout the duration of the student’s course. 

5. NLNG Overseas Post Graduate Scholarship

This scheme was launched in October 2012 with an annual intake of 15 beneficiaries to study in leading UK universities with an award value ranging between N9 and N11 million, depending on the course of study and course duration. 
  • Eligibility: Bachelors degree with a minimum of 2:1
  • Reward: Full Scholarship covering tuition, accommodation, living stipends, and travel costs
Other NLNG Initiatives:
  • NLNG Prize for Science
  • NLNG Prize for Literature
  • NLNG prize for Literary Criticism
  • NLNG Scholarship for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)


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NNPC JV Oil and Gas Scholarships

The NNPC offers Joint Venture Scholarships in conjunction with several other oil and gas companies;

6. NNPC/Seplat Energy Scholarships 

  • Eligibility: 200L 
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

7. NNPC/SNEPCo (Shell) Scholarships

  • Eligibility: 200L 
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

8. NNPC/NAOC/SPDC/TotalEnergies Scholarships

  • Eligibility: 200L 
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

9. NNPC/Chevron Scholarship

  • Eligibility: 200L 
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

10. NNPC/Agbami Scholarship

  • Eligibility: 100L 
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

11. NNPC/TotalEnergies International Scholarship (France)

  • Eligibility: Postgraduate
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship + Travel + Accommodation + Living Allowance

12. NNPC/ExxonMobil National JV Scholarship

  • Eligibility: 200L 
  • Benefits: N200,000

Other Oil and Gas Scholarships

Other companies offering oil and gas companies to Nigerian students include;

13. Midwestern Oil and Gas Scholarships

  • Eligibility: 200L
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

14. WAPCO Scholarships 

  • Eligibility: 200L
  • Reward: N200,000/Yr

15. MRS Oil and Gas Scholarships

  • Eligibility: 100L
  • Reward: Full Scholarship (Renewable)

General Requirements of Oil and Gas Scholarships

To apply for oil and gas scholarships, candidates must meet the following criteria;

  • Be in 200L of their undergraduate study
  • Possess a CGPA of at least 3.5/5.0
  • Be pursuing courses related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Law, Accountancy, and Management courses
  • Possess 5 O’Level credits including Mathematics and English in one sitting
  • Maintain a 3.5/5.0 CGPA till the end of the program to retain his/her scholarship

General Tips for Securing Oil and Gas Scholarships

  • Be pursuing a course the scholarships consider eligible
  • Ensure to have strong O’ level results
  • Guide and guard your CGPA. This cannot be stressed enough
  • Apply as soon as possible
  • Incomplete applications are time-wasting, your application will not be considered
  • Prepare for the aptitude tests (use past questions) as much as possible. This is the determining step

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