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Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering | How To Apply

The British Royal Family annual awards the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering to celebrate the success of modern engineering works.

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a £500,000 grant awarded to engineers selected from all over the world to help support their works and knowledge in building better and more modern engineering structures.

This post contains the details, criteria, benefits, selection procedure, and the step by step application process for interested and qualified applicants to submit entries.

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Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Summary

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Details:

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a global prize that celebrates the successes of modern engineering. With QEPrize winners selected from across the world, such an international prize requires a truly international trophy.

Every year, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering trophy is found through the ‘Create the Trophy’ competition. The competition gives young people aged 14-24 the opportunity to get involved, testing their design skills using the latest in 3D-design technology.

The winner receives a high-end laptop, a model of their trophy, and the opportunity to see their 3D printed winning design presented to the winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in London, UK.

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Eligibility Requirements for Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering 2024

Entry to the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is open to any living individual (or up to 10 individuals) of any nationality who are personally responsible for a groundbreaking innovation in engineering which has been of benefit to humanity.

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Benefits of [Keyword and/or + Year]

£500,000 prize will be awarded to up to ten engineers responsible for a bold, groundbreaking engineering innovation of global benefit to humanity.

Selection Criteria for Queen Elizabeth Prize

The judges will use these criteria to select the winner, or winners, of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering:

  • What is it that this person has done (or up to ten people have done) that is a ground-breaking innovation in engineering?
  • In what way has this innovation been of global benefit to humanity?
  • Is there anyone else who might claim to have had a pivotal role in this development?

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How to Apply for Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (Step by Step)

To apply for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering 2024, interested applicants should read the information below;

  • Click on the button below to navigate the QEPrize webpage
  • Click on “Nominate” to nominate an innovation.
  • The QEPrize seeks nominations from the public that celebrate a wide variety of engineering innovations
  • Nominations will be managed online.
  • Nominees will receive an email informing them of the nomination.
  • Referees will be invited to support the nomination, entering their references on the website.
  • Completed, eligible nominations will go forward to the judges.
  • The closing date to submit your nomination(s) is 8 June 2024
  • The deadline for referees to submit supporting statements is 9 August 2024
  • The winner(s) of the QEPrize will be announced on 4 February 2025 and further details will be released closer to the time

Deadline: June 8, 2024

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