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10 Scholarships in UK Without IELTS Requirements for International Students

The IELTS test scores as part of the requirements for scholarships application is a barrier for many international students to study in the UK. Fortunately, there are several UK universities and institutions that offer scholarships without IELTS requirements.

These scholarships provide opportunities for students across the universe to pursue their education in some of the most prestigious and diverse academic environments.

This article highlights some of the top scholarships in the UK without IELTS requirements for international students, paving ways for aspiring scholars to achieve their academic goals without the language proficiency test.

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Here are the Scholarships in UK without IELTS for International Students:

1. University of Southampton Scholarships

The University of Southampton offers a range of funding opportunities for both UK and international students, including bursaries and scholarships. This is a scholarship without IELTS requirements, fully funded for 4 years. It covers full tuition fees and starting stipend is £19,237 per year.

To be considered for the University of Southampton Scholarship, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2:1 grade, must have applied for a research project from the available opportunities, meet the admission criteria of the University of Southampton and the English Language requirement of the university.

  • Host Institution: University of Southampton
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, £19,237 per year
  • Degree: PhD

2. University of Glasgow Graduate Scholarship

The University of Glasgow will fund up to six studentships covering tuition fees and a stipend for up to five years to enable students to receive comprehensive MRes (pre-PhD) training and to subsequently undertake supervised independent research in a chosen field of economics, leading to a PhD.

The University of Glasgow Graduate Scholarship is a fully funded masters scholarship without IELTS requirements with an amount of £15,950 to cover living and research expenses.

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  • Host Institution: University of Glasgow
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, £15,975 Stipends/Yr, Research Costs
  • Degree: Masters, PhD

3. University of Oxford Ellison Scholarship Program

The University of Oxford Ellison Scholarships for undergraduate students is one of the fully funded Scholarships without IELTS requirements and provides a generous stipend for travel, accommodation, and living expenses. The program, in collaboration with EIT, aims to develop future global technology leaders through project-based learning and mentorship. Ellison Scholars will contribute to solving global issues through technological innovations in EIT’s projects.

  • Host Institution: University of Oxford
  • Benefits: Fully funded, Living Stipends, Travel Costs, Accommodation
  • Degree: Undergraduate, Masters

4. Rhodes Scholarship at University of Oxford

The Rhodes Trust Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarships without IELTS requirements offering successful candidates a full tuition waiver plus a living stipend of £18,180 per annum during their period of study in the UK.

The Rhodes Trust Scholarship also provides a settling allowance and health insurance. It also covers the costs of a visa and two economy flight tickets to travel to and from the United Kingdom.

  • Host: Rhodes Trust
  • Host Institution: University of Oxford
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, £19,092 Stipend/Yr, Settling Allowance, Visa and Travel Costs
  • Degree: Masters, PhD

5. University of Birmingham DeepMind Scholarship

The University of Birmingham DeepMind Scholarship, fully funded by Google, is a scholarship without IELTS requirements offered to talented students to take the next step towards fulfilling their ambitions of a career in some of the most innovative and sought-after areas of industry and research.

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The Deepmind Scholarship offers full funding worth £56,525 covering the full fees, relocation, and living stipends for selected international applicants.

  • Host Institution: University of Birmingham
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, £19,345 Living Stipends, Relocation & Laptop Allowance
  • Degree: Masters

6. Commonwealth Split Site Scholarship

Commonwealth Split-site PhD Scholarship supports one year’s study at a UK university as part of a PhD being undertaken in a candidate’s home country, under the joint supervision of a home country and UK supervisor.

To be considered for the Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship, you must be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country, or be a British Protected Person, must be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country.

  • Host: Commonwealth
  • Degree: PhD
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, Monthly Stipends, Accommodation  Airfare Tickets

7. University of Cambridge Mastercard Scholarship

University of Cambridge Mastercard Scholarship is designed to provide talented students from Africa with fully funded scholarships without IELTS requirements opportunities to complete their master’s training, grow in transformative leadership, and contribute to climate resilience and sustainability in Africa and the world at large.

The programme offers scholarships which span the full range of across disciplines in Cambridge  except for the following business courses: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Corporate Law (MCL), Master of Finance (MFin).

  • Host Institution: University of Cambridge
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, Accommodation, Monthly Stipends
  • Degree: Masters

8. Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarship

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarship offers £29,997.75 each to winners covering a full-time one-year Master’s course in the School of Global Development at UEA.

This is a scholarship without IELTS requirements which will fund the student’s international tuition fees and provide them with a maintenance grant of £12,000 so that they can live in the UK and be able to cover the costs of living/ travel/ visa.

  • Host Institution: University of East Anglia
  • Degree: Masters
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship | £12,000 Stipends

9. University of Bristol Think Big Scholarships

The Think Big Scholarship scheme offers tuition fee scholarships of up to £13,000 to £26,000 per year study, as well as one-off living cost bursaries of up to £3,000 to support prospective international students at the University of Bristol.

Think Big scholarship awards are applied to tuition fees only for every year that an awardee is in full time study. In addition to scholarship awards, awardees may receive a living cost bursary of up to £3,000.

  • Host Institution: University of Bristol
  • Benefits: £13,000 to £26,000 per year
  • Degree:  Undergraduate, Masters

10. University Of Sheffield Africa Scholarship

The University Of Sheffield Africa Scholarship is pleased to offer a scholarship without IELTS requirements for a postgraduate-taught Master’s program for students from Africa. The scholarship covers the full tuition and accommodation fees of successful candidates and will also provide a £8,000 maintenance support for living expenses.

The University Of Sheffield Africa Scholarship is a creation of a partnership between the University of Sheffield Africa Scholarship Trust, and the Department of Geography. Sheffield is a world top-100 university with highly rated teaching and research. At Sheffield you’ll be taught by inspirational researchers and be able to see the work they do first hand.

  • Host Institution: University Of Sheffield
  • Benefits: Full Scholarship, £8,000 Stipends,  Accommodation
  • Degree: Masters

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