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2024 Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge | How to Apply

Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge is a chance to showcase talent, collaborate with like-minded peers and shape the future of Africa’s built environment. Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge stands not just as a competition but also as a transformative journey shaping the future of Africa’s building industry. It is an opportunity for students and institutions to shine on a global platform, driving innovation and sustainability in the built environment across the continent.

Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge Summary

  • Host: Solar Decathlon Africa
  • Category: Competitions 
  • Eligible Countries: African Countries
  • Reward: Award | Training
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: February 29, 2024
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Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge Details:

The Solar Decathlon Africa Design challenge is to design innovative, high-performance, low-carbon buildings powered by renewable energy, addressing real-world issues in Africa’s building industry. Participation in the Design Challenge offers students a transformative experience, providing opportunities to:

  • Experience Zero Energy Building Design: Dive into zero energy building design, learning hands on methodologies.
  • Tackle Complex Challenges: Address the pressing need for decarbonizing the buildings industry, including retrofitting existing structures.
  • Exchange Strategies Globally: Collaborate with international teams, exchanging diverse
    design strategies.
  • Network with Experts: Engage with industry experts, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Learn from Thought Leaders: Gain insights from national thought leaders and collegiate peers, enhancing knowledge and expertise.
  • Explore Career Opportunities: Engage with organizations, exploring career pathways related
    to improving the built environment.
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Eligibility Requirements for 2024 Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge:

To be considered for the Competition:

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  • The team must select a specific location or site in Africa, with an assessment of local
    characteristics including geography, geology, and planning and zoning considerations to
    provide context for the building design and its relationship to the surrounding community.
  • Projects must be substantially different from any submitted to DOE Solar Decathlon
    competitions in the past.
  • The design must comply with zero energy building requirements according to annual basis.
  • The design must comply with Division requirements.
  • The team must address criteria for all 10 Solar Decathlon Contests.

Benefits of 2024 Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge:

  • Gain international exposure and win awards on an exciting platform. Join the growing network of Solar Decathlon alumni.
  • Career-ready: Develop market-ready skills and become a leader in the sustainable building revolution.

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How to Apply for Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge:

Interested and qualified applicants should use the link created below to proceed to the application page.

Best Wishes.

Deadline: February 29, 2024

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