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Study-In-Canada: 2023 Quebec Government Scholarship Program For Postgraduate Students

Quebec Government Scholarship Program is open to anyone enrolled in a doctoral research program at a Québec university, and the scholarship offered may be held concurrently with other awards.

With this scholarship program, the Committee and the FRQ wish to offer $12,000 scholarships to doctoral students in all disciplines and provide an opportunity to participate in the future of climate action in Québec. The students selected under this program will use their research skills to produce new scientific knowledge to support the Committee’s science advice activities.

Scholarship Summary

Scholarship Details:

The scholarship aims to offer the new generation of researchers the opportunity to:

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  • Contribute to addressing major societal challenges through multiple perspectives with the potential to provide solutions;
  • Develop cross-disciplinary skills through science advice;
  • Become familiar with public administration as a professional environment.
  • Recognize the excellence of doctoral student research and make it accessible, wherever possible, to a wide audience.
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Scholarship Requirements:

The following are eligible for this competition:

  • Students enrolled in a doctoral program at a Québec university at the competition closing date.

To be eligible, students must also have the support of their research director, who must give consent via their FRQnet portal certifying that:

  • The proposed project integrates well with the applicant’s workload and that it can realistically be completed in 4 to 6 months (e.g., compatible with their other tasks, complementary to their thesis work);
  • The student is enrolled at a Québec university at the competition closing date.


Scholarship Duration and Reward

  • The scholarship has a value of $12,000. This scholarship may be held concurrently with other funding, as its amount and duration are equivalent to a scholarship supplement. A first payment of $6,000 is made at the start of the period referred to in the scholarship announcement and a second payment of $6,000 is made after approval of the final deliverable by the Committee.
  • The scholarship is for a period of 4 to 6 months and must begin on the date indicated in the award letter. The scholarship start and end dates may be changed subject to approval by the FRQ and the Committee of a documented change request sent by email to the FRQ program manager. The proposed change must meet all eligibility requirements and may not change the nature of the scholarship as initially evaluated by the FRQ.

Required Documents

The electronic form with the following sections completed:

  • Project summary (max. 500 words);
  • Project description (max. three pages) and bibliography (max. one page) with the following elements:
  • Academic background: study programs and training environments;
  • Integrated presentation of the applicant’s background explaining why the chosen theme and the scholarship program are consistent with the applicant’s academic and personal career path. Include a section that describes the degree of advancement in the doctoral program;
  • Relevant experience and scientific achievements;
  • Recognitions: scholarships, awards, etc.

2) Official transcripts (see notes in Section 5.2 for details)

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3) Where applicable, the following documents must be included in the “Other documents” section of the form:

  • Submitted, in press and accepted articles: All submitted articles must be accompanied by a letter of acknowledgement from the publisher. Articles accepted for publication or in press must be accompanied by a notification from the publisher. The applicant must be identified by name, or the article in question will not be considered in the application evaluation.
  • Applicants seeking to avail themselves of an exception:

o   Official document attesting to the duration of parental leave or sick leave, such as a medical certificate or copy of the child’s birth certificate;

o   In the case of a major family obligation or a person with a disability, provide documents attestant to the situation.

4) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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In accordance with the Québec research and innovation investment strategy 2022-2028 (SQRI2) and the Québec Government Sustainable Development Strategy 2023-2028 (SGDD 2023-2028) and in line with their 2022-2025 strategic plans, the FRQ are seeking to promote the role of science and the scientific community in attaining the SDGs.

To that end, applicants are asked to indicate, if appropriate to their project, the contribution of their research to attaining the SDGs in the “Contribution to the sustainable development goals” section of their application form. This section will not be sent to the evaluation committees. Please consult the FRQ SDG Guide for further details.


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Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should apply using the “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button below.

Deadline: October 12, 2023

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