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Study-In-France: 2024 France Government Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program for International Students

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program provides annual training for future foreign decision-makers in the public and private sectors in degree programs at the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

It trains future foreign decision-makers from the private and public sectors in priority areas of study and encourages applications from students in emerging countries at the Master’s level and in emerging and industrialized countries at the PhD level.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarships for 2024 in France offer a golden opportunity for international students seeking to pursue their academic dreams in one of the world’s most prestigious countries. 

Scholarship Summary

Scholarship Details:

This fully funded scholarship program, named after the iconic Eiffel Tower, is a testament to France’s commitment to higher education.

With a rich history of academic excellence, France beckons talented individuals worldwide to apply for these scholarships. Successful applicants will enjoy a comprehensive financial package covering tuition fees, living expenses, and even healthcare, making it a truly attractive choice for those aiming for quality education without financial burdens.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarships, slated for 2024, cater to a diverse range of academic disciplines, spanning from engineering and science to humanities and social sciences. 

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Scholarship Requirements:

To be considered for the scholarship, you must:

  •  Eiffel Scholarships are only offered to those students who are non-French by nationality.
  • Foreign Nationals can apply for the Eiffel scholarships in France. 
  •  To be eligible for the master’s component, candidates have to be no older than 25 at the time of the 2024 competition.
  •  In order to be considered for the doctoral component, candidates must be no older than 30 at the time of the competition in 2024.
  • The French government does not accept applications from students who have already been awarded another scholarship at the time of application.


Scholarship Duration and Reward

Masters Degree:

  • A stipend of €1,031/month For Living Expenses.
  • A Monthly Stipend of 150 Euro.
  • Return air tickets
  • Cultural Activities.
  •  Health insurance
  • Housing Allowance.

Ph.D. Degree:

  • A stipend of €1,400/month For Living Expenses\
  •  return air tickets
  • Cultural Activities.
  •  Health insurance
  •  Housing Allowance.

Scholarship Reminder

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Method of Application

1st Step

  •  To apply for Eiffel Scholarship you should contact the Espace Campus France in your country of origin or the French Embassy’s cooperation and cultural action department for guidance or advice on your study project.
  • You can also contact the International Relations department of a French institution via their website, email, or phone to find out what the terms and the deadline are to apply.
  •  You are free to choose the school or university that is relevant to your study level in France.

2nd Step:

  • Eiffel scholarship application accepted and supported by the establishment.
  • The establishment will submit your application online on the Campus France website.
  • Applications submitted by students directly or by foreign institutions will be declared ineligible

Deadline: January 10, 2024

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