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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Three exceptional Nigerian students beat contestants worldwide to emerge overall winner of TECH challenge, earns ₦8.6billion Scholarship

Three exceptional Nigerian students, Idara Attah, Imabong Apkan-Chinyere, and Mirabel Njoku have emerged as the overall winners of the 2024 Conrad Challenge which earned them a cash prize and scholarships worth 8.6 billon naira.

Idara Attah, Imabong Apkan-Chinyere, and Mirabel Njoku are students of Greensprings School, Nigeria who are also the second set of students to secure the overall best-in-Nigeria position in the final stage of the Conrad Challenge.

The Conrad Challenge is a purpose-driven innovation competition to create the next generation of entrepreneurs who will change the world. It presents a unique opportunity for ingenious young minds in the country to collaborate, brainstorm, and come up with STEM-enabled innovations/inventions with market potential.

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They competed as Team Lavendaire and emerged as winners of the challenge of creating an innovative phone application. The app earned them scholarships valued at $894,000 and a cash prize of N1.500 million according to the school’s website.


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They invented an innovative phone application with the name “Juiceitup.” This app uses an AI algorithm to recommend personalized juice-making ratios from various fruits to aid patients’ recovery from illnesses.

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 In addition to Team Lavendaire’s achievement, nine other teams from the school who made the finals have received $6,400,000 worth of scholarships with the first runner-up team of the competition, also from the school, gaining a cash prize of ₦1,000,000.

Speaking on Team Lavendaire’s accomplishment, The assistant principal of the school, Afolabi Amusan, said the Greensprings School presented 10 teams of 35 students who had qualified from the initial stages of the competition.


“We were mindful of our position as the national winner from 2023, so we went into this year’s challenge to defend our title. At the finals, we presented 10 teams of 35 students who had qualified from the initial stages of the competition. These students were coached and supported by a team of hardworking and dedicated teachers,” Amusan said.

He mentioned that while Team Lavendaire earned the overall best-in-Nigeria award, some of the other teams won awards like first runner-up and best in Energy and Environment which was received by Team Mono; best in Aviation and Aerospace by Team Kryptonite; and best in Cyber Technology and Security won by Team Unit.

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Amusan also stated that in addition to their cash prize and scholarships, Team Lavendaire will represent Nigeria in the 2024 Conrad World Summit at The Space Center in Houston, United States.

He added that other teams, such as Team Mono, the 1st runner-up received a cash prize of ₦1,000,000, while each member of the nine finalist teams was awarded $80,000 in Menlo College United States, $60,000 in Lewis & Clark College United States, and $60,000 in Clarkson University, making a total of $6,400,000 worth of scholarships for the students.

The deputy director of education of the school, Feyisara Ojugo stated that she is very proud of the achievements, adding that the accomplishments worth celebrating. She added that the school is proud that the hard work and effort that went into the challenge paid off with a positive outcome.

“Thank you for supporting our students to achieve this outstanding feat. And very well done to our resilient and industrious students for leveraging this opportunity and their parents for supporting them,” she said.

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