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Types of Universities in USA You Should Know

With over 4,000 educational institutions in the United States of America, universities are categorized based on their primary goals, whether priotizing profit, quality education or both. These would assists readers and prospective domestic or international students in discovering the nature of their desired.

Higher institutions in the United States of America awards a range of degrees based on the courses offered. The have different land masses and students population, garnering international recognition.

Here are some of the types of universities in USA:

1. Public Universities

These are universities sponsored by governmental bodies, public means and donations. They have larger land mass and students population of domestic and international students.  Examples of such institutions are University of Michigan, University of California, university of Washington, University of Georgia and lots more.

2. Private Universities

Unlike the public universities, private universities are owned by specific individuals or groups of stakeholders for profit motive. Although, the establishment of these universities aims for profitability, but the quality of their education are top-notch and have higher tuitions compare to the private universities. Examples of these universities are: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgetown university, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, Wesleyan University, Colgate University and lots more.

3. Ivy League Universities

This type of universities are known for selective admission processes and more standardized academic systems. They are eight schools which are as follows: Harvard University, Princeton University, Brown University, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Yale University

4. Research Universities

This category of universities are majorly focused on high standard research activities. They can be private or public universities with doctoral awards. Some of these institutions are Rice University, Northwestern university, Duke University, Vanderbilt university, University of Virginia, Georgia Institute of technology and many more.

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5. For-Profit Private Universities

These institutions prioritize both financial sustainability and academic excellence, with a significant emphasis on generating profits. However, this emphasis on profits does not suggest a lack of academic productivity; in fact, it contributes to their positive reputations. Few of the examples of this category of universities are Capella University, Walden University, American National University, West coast University and Aspen University.

6. Non-Profit Private Universities

Compared to for-profit private universities, these institutions hold a higher reputation. They are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of education as their primary goal. Some of the universities are: New York University, Purdue University, University of Southern California, Penn State University and Duke University.


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