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2024 University of Oulu Scholarship in Finland | How to Apply

The University of Oulu Scholarship offers a tuition-free opening for international students to master students to study in Finland. 

This scholarship is provided to academically talented international students. Students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA member state are liable to pay the tuition fee.

In this article, we will be putting you through the details you need in putting up a successful application.  

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University of Oulu Scholarship Summary

Details of the University of Oulu Scholarship 2024 :

The University of Oulu Scholarship is aimed at students studying for a Master’s degree in the University of Oulu two-year international Master’s programmes.

The scholarship is for one academic year and covers the full international tuition fee.

In order to retain the scholarship in the following year of study, a student must have completed 55 ECTS by the end of the previous academic year.

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Eligibility Requirements for the University of Oulu Scholarship:

Candidates are eligible to apply for a University of Oulu Scholarship 2024 , if they are:

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  • Non-EU/EEA citizens who do not have a permanent residence permit in Finland.
  • Eligible to apply for a Master’s degree programme at the University of Oulu for academic year 2024/2025.
    • The applicant has obtained their first academic degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) from a recognised institution of higher education.
    • The applicant proves a high level of proficiency in English language. Approved methods of demonstrating language proficiency.

Applicants who are in their last term/semester of studies during the application period, can apply for the scholarship. Applicants who receive a conditional offer of study placement for a Master’s programme will receive a conditional scholarship offer.

Benefit of University of Oulu Scholarship

The tuition fee is an academic fee and thus covers the costs of tuition. The tuition fee does not cover the living costs such as accommodation, meals, and transportation.

All students are required to finance their living costs by themselves.

Required Documents for the University of Oulu Scholarship

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

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  • Proof of language skills
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Copy of transcript of records
  • Translations of degree certificate and transcript of records if they were issued in a language other than Finnish, Swedish, or English
  • Possible programme-specific required attachments

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How to apply for the University of Oulu Scholarship (Step by step Process)

Interested and qualified applicants for the University of Oulu Scholarship should apply following the steps below;

  1. Use the link below to access the application portal.
  2. There is no separate application for the International Finland Scholarships. All applicants for University of Oulu Master’s degree programmes need to complete the Student Application Form.
  3. Those applicants who are applying for the University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship have to additionally complete the “Application for Scholarship,” which can be found at the end of the Student Application Form. The International Master’s Scholarship application form cannot be completed and/or submitted without the Student Application Form.

Deadline: January 17, 2024

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