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2024 Western Oregon University Graduate Assistantship Program (How to Apply)

Western Oregon University Graduate Assistantship Program for International Students is a form of student employment, earning a compensation package including both salary and tuition remission for the performance of research or teaching services to the University as part of a student’s academic and professional training and development. Students must be admitted into a full-time program to be eligible.

Located in Monmouth, Oregon, Western Oregon University is a public institution with roots dating back to 1856 when it was founded as Monmouth University by pioneers of the Disciples of Christ. Over the years, it underwent name changes, including Oregon State Normal School, Oregon College of Education, and Western Oregon State College.

Western Oregon University Program Summary

Western Oregon University Program Details:

The Western Oregon University Graduate Assistantship Program aims to help international students cover financial deficits in sponsoring their Master’s degree courses. the Position overview are as follows:

  • .25-.49 FTE
  • Commitment for full academic program
  • Annual renewal required
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Eligibility Requirements for 2024 Western Oregon University Program

In order to hold a graduate assistantship at Western Oregon University a student must meet the following criteria (initial next to each statement as your acknowledgment of position rules and regulations):

  • The student must be fully admitted to a master’s degree program at Western Oregon
  • The graduate assistant duties must relate to the student’s graduate program and/or
    career expectations. Assistantship must begin no later than the start of week one of the
  • The student must have an approved program for a WOU master’s degree on file in the
    Graduate Programs office no later than the first week of the term in which the student
    holds the assistantship.
  • To be considered for renewal, the graduate assistant must meet all of the following
    • Have a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate hours taken.
    • Have no more than 8 credits of C grades.
    • Have no grades of D or F.
    • Enroll in a minimum of eight/nine and maximum of sixteen hours of graduate
      work each term.
      • During summer term a student can enroll in as few as three credits.
      • During your last term of enrollment, a student may be under the
        eight/nine credit requirement in order to finish their program.
    • Satisfactory ratings (average score of 3) for all supervisor evaluations received
      the previous term.

Benefits of 2024 Western Oregon University Program

The benefits of the Western Oregon University graduate assistantships are as follows:

  • Each Graduate Assistant will receive $1176 per month for 9 months.
  • Graduate students appointed by the University are paid at established institutional salary rates and are exempt from the payment of the instruction fee (tuition), on the first twelve (12) graduate credit hours per term.
  • Graduate assistants are assessed and are individually responsible for payment of the building fee, incidental fee, health fee, one-time matriculation fee, online fee and any other fees approved for the University according to the graduate student fee schedule. See WOU tuition and fees schedule
  • When an assistant is authorized to register for more than twelve (12) graduate credit hours per term, the institution shall charge the assistant the resident rate for additional instruction fee for the excess of the twelve-credit hour limit

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How to Apply for Western Oregon University Program

Interested and qualified applicants should use the ” CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button the complete the application processes.

Best Wishes.

Deadline: February 1, 2024.

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