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Young African-American boy graduates US high school with 4.59GPA, sets record as school’s first black Valedictorian

A young African-American boy named Sean Tinsley has made history as the first black valedictorian of Belleville High School, United States after scoring an outstanding 4.59 cumulative grade point.

Sean Tinsley made history as the first-ever black valedictorian and also the first male best-graduating student of Belleville High School  in the United States. He said he was inspired by his brother to achieve the feat.

Sean’s brother was once the first black salutorian of same Belleville High School. “I saw him make history and I wanted to make an impact on my school and my community as well,” Sean said.

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“Let me try someway to make history at Belleville High School myself. I didn’t start number one. I had to work my way up, but I was always a contender and I always made sure I was doing my best work,” he added.



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He stated that he ranked number one right from his junior school. Sean stated that he took several Advanced Placement classes which are calculated on a 5.00 scale and was able to cumulate 4.59 grade point.

“To have that representation finally,  the school has been around for so many years and for it to finally happen, I feel like I just broke a major glass ceiling,” he said.

Sean’s brother, Shane Tinsley said he is proud that the tradition of excellence is continued by Sean.”I laid the foundation and he just took it from there. And I’m so glad to see where he’s going and whose to come next,” he said.


Sean stated that he plans to atend Michigan State University where he would majored in political science with a focus on pre-law. He added that after his undergraduate degree he will proceed to become a prosecutor.

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