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Young African-American girl earns $600,000 scholarships to study in 48 US universities, set to become first graduate in her family

A 17-year-old African-American girl named Kenyari Sawyer is set to become the first university graduate in her family having earned 600,000 million dollars worth of scholarship offers to study at 48 different universities in the United States.

Kenyari Sawyer graduates from Monroe High School, United States with an honors grade of 4.00 cumulative grade point average. She graduated with a remarkable grade despite being on a dual enrollment at Albany State University in the same community.

Kenyari earned acceptance into 48 colleges and Universities with a total of 600,000 million dollars worth of scholarships from her acceptances. She told FOX 31 that she applied to a total of 92 colleges and has been accepted into 48 since beginning her applications.

“I started applying on Aug. 1. The first two colleges I applied to were Cleveland and Mississippi, and I did not think I was going to get accepted into those. Then I was like, ‘This is how it goes? This is an easy process,’ and I just started going from there,” Kenyari said.

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“I thought I wasn’t smart enough. It’s a hard process and I have been denied by one of my schools, and it was Mercer University. And so after I got denied, I just thought I might not get accepted anymore. It was a setback,” she added.

Kenyari stated that she received scholarship awards from several prestigious universities, including $88,000 from Mary Baldwin University, $80,000 from Notre Dame University in Maryland, $62,000 from Arizona State University, and $40,000 from Dillard University.

She said she was able to apply to several schools without paying the application fees, which usually cost around $44, because of the application waivers that are offered to students like her who are eligible based on financial need and academic behavior.


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Kenyari shared that her mother’s inability to attend college while taking care of her family inspired her to pursue higher education. She also expressed her desire to serve as a source of inspiration as the first person in her family to attend college, especially as the eldest of three siblings.

“I wanted to go to school because she wasn’t able to at the time. She was only able to receive her associate’s degree but it was at a later time because she had to take care of me,” she said.

Kenyari said she is yet to decide which school she is going to attend but she is considering Howard University, Spelman College, and the University of Georgia. She added that she plans to major in criminal justice and she hopes to eventually become a defense attorney and start her own law firm.

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