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Young African-American man sets record at US university, becomes first black man to earn PhD in Nursing

A young African-American man named Harrell Jordan has made history as the first black man to earn a Doctorate degreein Nursing at the University of Illinois-Chicago in the United States.

Jordan, from Galewood, made history by becoming the first-ever black person to earn a doctorate in Nursing at the University of Illinois-Chicago in the United States. He mentioned that he is used to being the only black right from time.

He was the only black out of 65 studentss in his graduate-entry master’s program for Nursing at DePaul University, United States. Jordan said his mission in life is to make sure he is not the last  and that, in the future, it is no longer a newsworthy event.

“For me, truly, the reason that I’m doing this program is not for self-gain. It’s also because I know that in order for more Black men to do what I’m doing, they need to see it’s possible,” he said.

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Jordan stated that growing up, his parents instilled in him the importance of education. He obtained his bachelors degree in Community health from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

After graduation, he took a post-graduate seminar called Topics in Medicine noting that the class opened up the world of nursing to him, who then enrolled in the nursing master’s degree program at DePaul University.

While studying for his masters, Jordan also worked as a graduate assistant, where he discovered a love of teaching. He was recruited to join the Bridge to Doctorate program at the University of Ilinois Chicago.



Jordan mentioned that he is considering becoming a nurse practitioner adding that a meeting for the Bridge to Doctorate program was the turning point in his decision to pursue a Ph.D. and a career in academia. 

“I really took that torch. I’m all about shaping the minds of upcoming African American men to go beyond any limits they may place on themselves,” Jordan said.

”I’ve had only a handful of Black male teachers in my career as a student, not just in higher education since grammar school. Seeing what you’re capable of makes it less intimidating,” he added.

Jordan’s dissertation focused on the role that masculinity plays in how African American men utilize health care atating that about 43% of African American men use the emergency room to meet their health care needs.

While studing at University of Illinois Chicago,he won the university’s Nursing Marguerite A. Dixon Scholarship Award twice, which is given to African American students with stellar academic performance.

He has also been awarded the university’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship, which is given to students who show high academic achievement and a commitment to community service.

Jordan volunteers with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois, raising money in memory of his aunt who died from the disease. He also worked full time as associate dean of faculty at Chamberlain University, where he seeks out Black male students to mentor.


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