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Young African Lady who suffered rejections from many companies grows big, becomes CEO of top farming company

A young African woman named Ayanda Zulu who faced numerous rejections from several companies eventually became successful as she now owns a leading farming company in Africa.

Ayanda Zulu is a commercial farmer and owner of Wenzokuhle Farming, a commercial livestock and crop farm in South Africa. The farming company is a 100% black-owned agricultural farm.

Ayanda ventured into farming back in 2016 after she struggled to find a job. When she started farming, Ayanda had no background in agriculture according to Women In Africa on LinkedIn.

She had to go through different ways, seeking assistance from established farmers, and farming institutions. After acquiring essential knowledge, Ayanda founded her own company.

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She began by cultivating crops and vegetables and eventually expanded her operations to include cattle farming. Ayanda stated that taking up Farming as a profession is very important.

Ayanda added that African countries need more agriculture colleges and skills training programs. “Farming in South Africa stands a good chance at being the best economy vehicle in the future if young people could be encouraged to venture into it,” she said.

”Both educated and uneducated, a lot can be achieved in unison because our parents grew up with farming but had no education background in it,” she added.

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She mentioned that farming yields a substantial economic value, yet it often goes unnoticed due to the general perception of it as a menial profession.

“Farming generates so much money for the economy, but we can’t see it because many of our people still see it as a dirty job,” she said.

Ayanda’s Farming Company specializes in crop production which produces healthy products ranging from beans, and cabbage to millets. She also specialises in livestock farming which has a herd of Beefmasters, Brahmans, and Boer goats.

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