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Young African Lady whose Lecturer told she is not good enough proves her wrong, graduates from both Oxford and Harvard

A brilliant and popular African-American Lady known as Vee Kativhu has graduated from the prestigious Oxford and Harvard universities in the United States despite her teacher telling her she is not good enough.

Vee who hails from Zimbabwe, Africa revealed through her Linkedin that her high school teacher had advised her not to seek an undergraduate admission to the University of Oxford, England owing to an assumption that she was not good enough.

“5 years ago my teacher told me I shouldn’t even bother applying to Oxford for my undergrad because I wasn’t ‘good enough,” she narrated.

She revealed that 5 years after her teacher made the statement, she had bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom and also a Master’s Degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University, Massachusetts, United States.

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Vee who happily celebrated her success on Linkedin stated that her teacher’s downgrading prediction was wrong as she has now been also accepted to commence her PhD at Havard University.

“I’ve been accepted for my PhD studies starting fall 2023,” she stated.


Vee advised teachers and tutors not to look down on the capabilities of their students based on their own fears.

She said; “This is just a little friendly reminder to teachers, guardians and people in general who play a role in children’s lives, just because it HASN’T been done, doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done. & let’s make sure our students know that.”

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“Let’s stop putting our students in boxes and marking what they can do based on our own fears or the unknown,” she added.

She praised herself for believing in her capabilities wondering what would have happened if she had listened to her teacher’s statement.

“I’m so grateful I believed in myself because I’m seeing my wildest dreams coming true right before my eyes, and I always wonder, what would have happened if I had listen and let the fear win,” she said.

Today, Vee Kathivu is an author and education activist, she recently bagged The Princess Diana Legacy Award by Prince Harry & Prince William in honour of Princess Diana & humanitarian work.

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