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Young African man who worked as a Petrol Attendant to sponsor his education finally graduates, fulfills lifelong dream

A determined young African man named Mfanyana Fakude has fulfilled his lifelong dream of earning an Accounting degree after he graduated from Northwest University, Vanderbijlpark in South Africa.

Fakude obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting at North-West University in South Africa. Narrating his story in an interview with Citizen, he mentioned that the journey to becoming an accountant was not an easy one.

Fakude mentioned that he grew up in a small farmstead,  Mooiplass in South Africa and was raised by a by a single mother, who worked as a hawker, selling fruits and vegetables to make ends meet.

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“Growing up was very challenging for me because the only source of income we had was from the fruits and vegetables my mother sold in town. I knew I had to work very hard to help my mom and be able to further my studies,” he said.

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Fakude mentioned that he has always wanted to be an accountant as he fell in love with the subject when he was in high school. However after high school, he could not further his studies because of his financial status,

In a bid to fulfill his dream, Fakude found a job and started working as a petrol attendant. He said with his earnings and salary, he sponsored himself through Northwest University.

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“In Grade 10, I chose commerce subjects so I could become an accountant. After completing my studies in 2017, I was unable to go to university. I got fortunate enough to find a job as a petrol attendant and managed to save up and fulfill my dream,” he said.


He mentioned that he faced some challenges while in school as he was not computer literate which caused him delays and slowed down his academic journey.“I remember how I struggled for months just to switch on a computer. I was set to finish my studies in 2021, but couldn’t because I struggled a lot,” he said.

Aside from his love for accounting,  Fakude also loves to play soccer and was a well-known referee in the Vaal soccer fraternity. Fakude’s mother, Sabina Masuku stated that she is very proud of his achievement and excited that Falkude honored his promise to her.

“I am very happy that he finally completed his studies. Fanyana always promised to make me proud, and today, I am a proud mother because he honored his promise,” Sabina said.

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”When he first passed his modules, he gave me a lot of hope. He came home and told me that his doing good and will complete his studies despite the record time, and he did,” said the proud mother,” he added.

Fakude stated that his degree is his pride because he worked hard to have it and he is thrilled to finally achieve his dream. “Now I’ve completed my degree and I’m very proud of myself. Even though I’m still unemployed, I am only focusing on celebrating acquiring this qualification,” he said.



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