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Young black girl graduates US high school with 4.10GPA, earns $4.5million scholarships to 100 universities

A young black girl named Kassidy Parnell graduated from Tara High School in Baton Rouge, United States with a 4.10 GPA and earned $4.5 million worth of scholarships to over 100 universities in the country.

Kassidy Parnell earned acceptance from over 100 different universities and scholarship offers worth $4.5 million dollars in reward for her academic excellence a Tara High School in Baton Rouge, United States.

Apart from being an excellent high school student, Parnell is also dual-enrolled in computer science classes at Baton Rouge Community College for her associate’s degree. 

She was accepted into some top universities which include Southern University, Saint Louis University, Butler, Oklahoma State, Marquette, Seton Hall University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Kansas, and Kent State University.

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Speaking on her achievements, Parnell’s father, Lorenzo Bynum described her as being an inquisitive child who is ever ready to explore new things. He also added that she puts diligent efforts into her studies which makes parenting easy for them.

“She loves to learn new things. If she doesn’t know something she will look it up and remember everything about it. She is not afraid to explore new horizons and takes pride in her school and the work she does for IBM. She really makes our job easy as parents,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo said he is tracking each of her college acceptance letters and various scholarship offers through an Excel spreadsheet. He mentioned that Parnell has also scored academic and merit scholarships, four full-ride scholarships, and 13 Presidential Scholarships.


Parnell said she will be visiting college campuses alongside her family on the weekends to help with her decision on choosing the college to continue her studies and hopefully find her perfect match.

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