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Young boy breaks US high school’s 100-year-old record after graduating with 4.86 GPA, emerge first-ever black Valedictorian

A brilliant boy named Abraham Buckner has broken the 100-year-old record of St. Teresa High School, United States as he emerged as the first black valedictorian to graduate with an exceptional 4.86 Grade Point Average.

Abraham Buckner is an African-American teen who made history as the first-ever black student to graduate with the highest grade point since the inception of St. Teresa High School, Illinois in the United States in 1913.

Abraham said he is grateful to be able to make history and he was able to achieve it because he grew up in a disciplined environment. “I just feel grateful for the position I was in. Everything just goes to my environment that I was in. It just helped me build myself up to try to stay disciplined,” he said.

Besides earning a 4.86 grade point as a student, Abraham said he also partook in various organizations and volunteering openings in the school making him an active student all-rounder.

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Abraham credits Kobe Bryant, the late American basketball star for being a source of motivation for him to keep striving for the best. “When he died after COVID, during that whole thing, that just really pushed me to be like if I wanna go for something I gotta go for it,” he said.

He mentioned that he also shares some similar traits with his father, Brian Buckner who is a writer. He showered his son with praise, describing him as one of a kind, and added that he loves to read and engage in books that involve critical thinking.

“Always a thinker, always reading. And I’m a writer, so he and I have had a lot of different discussions about a lot of things, I just can’t explain it. You can lead your child so far, but it’s up to them, in the end, to make us proud,” Brian Buckner said.

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 “We’re not perfect people, so if everything was perfect it wouldn’t really mean anything. So, every time we fail it should be exciting. It’s like, ‘Look I can improve on this, I can get better,’” Abraham added.

The principal of St. Teresa High School, Larry Daly said she is excited about Abraham’s achievement, saying his success is well deserved as he had put in a lot of effort in his studies.

“He worked hard for this. I’m excited for him, he’s a great kid and he’s done a lot for his class as well,” Larry Daly said.

Abraham plans to have his further his studies at Virginia’s Hampton University and earn a doctorate degree in Cellular Biology to enable him to help people who have health challenges.

“I plan on getting my Ph.D. I want to do research in, right now it’s molecular slash cellular biology. I want to push into that field and hopefully maybe work on medicines to help people,’ Abraham said.


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