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Young football star graduates US high school with 4.1GPA, wins $3milion academic and athletic scholarships

A young football star named Joshua Jones has graduated from Westover High School in the United States with a remarkable 4.1 Cumulative Grade point. He has also been awarded $3 million in athletic and academic scholarships.

Joshua Jones is a talented student-athlete from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He maintained a 4.1 cumulative grade point while playing as a quarterback for the school’s football team, which earned him over $3million in scholarship offers from different institutions in the United States.

Speaking about his numerous offers, Joshua expressed that his goal was to obtain as many scholarships as possible though he was shocked by the amount when all was counted up.

“I wanted to try and get every scholarship I could,” Joshua said. “All my offers that I did get were academic and athletic,In the end when all was counted up. I was shocked myself,” he added.

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As a result of his commitment and hard work towards his studies, he was awarded academic and athletic full-ride scholarships from countless prestigious universities in the United States including Duke University, Princeton University, Dartmouth University, North Carolina University, among others.

Despite his outstanding achievements, Joshua remains grounded and appreciative of his humble beginnings. Joshua attributes his success to his father, Redrick Jones for his unending support and guidance describing him as not just his father but also his coach and counsellor.

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Redrick Jones acknowledges that being both his father and coach was challenging but he remained steadfast throughout the journey.

“The process of being a father, being a coach is always hard because there’s always two hats you’re wearing,” Redrick said. “But you got to keep everything in perspective,” he added.

Moreover, Joshua’s achievements extend beyond his athletic and academic skills. He was praised by his head coach, Ernest King as an exceptional leader, “He’s probably been our best leader,” Ernest King said.

Moving on to his next step, Joshua hopes to make an impact on his juniors. He encourages them to keep their grades high up and focus on their ambition.

“Stay on the grind, keep your grades up, and know what you want in life,” he said.

Joshua has decided that he will continue his studies at North Carolina Central University, a Historically Black college, and University (HBCU), and join its football team.

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