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Young Lady bags PhD in Bioanalytical Chemistry in 5 years at US university, wins award

A young lady named Monia Giraso Keza Kabandana won an award for the most outstanding research at the University of Maryland Baltimore County after she bagged her doctorate in Bioanalytical Chemistry within five years.

Monia bagged her doctorate degree in Bioanalytical Chemistry at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the United States. She shared her achievement on Linkedin stating that she felt thrilled to have completed the program.

She mentioned that her doctoral research was titled 3D-Printed Quantitative Microfluidics for Bacteria and Macrophage Studies and the Impact of Indole in Modulating Itaconate in Macrophages with expertise in the areas of immunology, gastroenterology, and infectious diseases which she worked on for five years.

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Monia stated that her academic journey was not easy. Although she encountered difficulties along the way, she managed to overcome them through determination. She shared that her dissertation draft received no edits from her advisor, leaving her to independently navigate the research process.

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She mentioned that her supervisor’s trust in her training gave him the belief that she could finish it on her own. Initially, Monia was a bit uneasy about it, but a quote from the holy book inspired her with the confidence to independently write her dissertation.

She said surprisingly, after the defense, the committee found no need for edits which is a true testament to overcoming challenges. Monia’s hard work also earned her the Most Outstanding Research award.

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Monia stated that she wrote 5 PUBLICATIONS and one was highlighted as the front cover in the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal. She said the academic journey was a collective effort of her alumni friends, labmates, PI, committee members, friends, and family who were of incredible support.


Reflecting on the journey Monia said she celebrated not just a PhD but the tremendous personal growth it brought. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her along the way adding that she is excited about the next adventure.

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