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Young Lady finally graduates as a Lawyer after studying for 9 years instead of 6, graduates with double first-class grade

A young lady named Bukunmi Kolawole has finally been called to the bar as a first-class Lawyer after studying for 9 years straight instead of 6.

Bukunmi obtained her bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with first-class honors before she proceeded to the Nigerian Law School where she was called to bar as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

She graduated from the Nigerian Law School with a first-class grade. Bukunmi celebrated her achievement on LinkedIn, stating that her call to the bar signifies the completion of a 9-year journey that should have taken 6 years.

Bukunmi said as a student at the University of Ibadan, her journey to academic excellence was not a straight path but it was one filled with determination, resilience, and growth. She said initially, achieving outstanding academic success seemed difficult because of her WAEC.


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However, Bukunmi said she was inspired by the number of students who earned first from the university that was published and highlighted in the newspaper. 

Bukunmi stated that throughout her university years, she embraced opportunities beyond the classroom adding that she involved herself in student organizations and at the same time explored the city of Ibadan.

She said despite facing distractions, she remained committed to her goals, maintaining a top position in her first year. Bukunmi said she faced some challenges in her third year which affected her grades but because she has laid a good grade foundation, she was not affected much.


Bukunmi said in her fourth year, she used her writing skills to work remotely and earn money while still doing well in school . She added that despite facing challenges with the transition to online classes in her fifth year, she maintained academic excellence and even won a prize in Labour law.

She mentioned that she was posted to an unfamiliar environment for her Law School but she embarked on the journey with a steadfast commitment to achieving academic excellence 

She stated that transitioning from a five-year university program to a compressed 10-month syllabus was quite demanding but the experience at the university sharpened her self-awareness and enabled her to recognize the need for a structured routine.

Bukunmi stated that the routine required great consistency and discipline because it was not what she was used to. She said there were days she had doubts and fears combined with pressure to repeat the same feat she achieved at the University.

But she remained motivated by drawing inspiration from colleagues who had excelled in Law school and believing in herself. With the academic stress, Bukunmi said she was able to balance academics with a remote job to ensure financial stability in law school.

She said looking back on her experiences, she has learned that success does not always follow a straight path, but is influenced by resilience and the ability to adjust to challenges. Bukunmi added that her experiences have not only influenced her academic journey.

But have also provided her with important skills and knowledge that will benefit her in her future career in law. Bukunmi said she hopes that through sharing stories, she inspires others facing similar challenges and that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

Bukunmi expressed her gratitude to her friends and family for their unwavering support adding that she is excited for the opportunities ahead and hopes that her story serves as inspiration to others navigating similar paths.

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