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Young Lady from Atlanta gains admission to 29 US universities at the same time, wins $2.2m scholarship to become a doctor

An exceptional student of North Atlanta High School named Kamryn Stargell has amassed an outstanding $2.2million in scholarship awards after securing admission into 29 universities across the United States.

“I was super excited to get in. Mainly because I was really anxious about applying and waiting to see if I was going to get in,” Kamryn said in an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta.

She explained that she started applying to schools and for scholarships at the earliest opportunity—even before she completed high school. According to her, she benefited from the help of her mom to complete all her applications within five months.

Kamryn Stargell could not hide her joy and gratitude for having been awarded the scholarships as she is now set to pursue her dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

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“After all of the hard work we put in applying to them, it was really a breath of fresh air knowing I got into college, if I just got into one of them,” Kamryn said.

“Definitely just knowing that I won’t have to graduate with thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and being able to move on to my next step in my career without that financial burden is really just an overpowering feeling,” she added.


Kamryn’s mother, Kristie Stargell, explained that her daughter started her pursuit of excellence at a tender age. She said she expected her to secure a scholarship of $1 million.

“I mean, honestly, I had a goal of 1 million dollars. But when it kept going? Wow! We are truly blessed and this is more than I could ever have imagined,” Kristie said.

Speaking of her future dream, Kamryn says she has a dream of becoming a doctor in the future. “I definitely want to become an OBGYN or somewhere in the medical field. Hopefully going onto medical school after undergrad. That’s my goal, my plan,” Kamryn said.

Kamryn finally enrolled in Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

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