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Young lady graduates US university as a Medical Doctor, wins National Excellence Award

A brilliant young lady named Bria Peacock has graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and was awarded a National Excellence Award by the United States Government.

Bria was awarded the 2021 Excellence in Public Health Award from the United States Public Health Service during her hooding ceremony as a Medical Doctor at Medical College of Georgia, United States.

She made history as the third student ever in the school’s history to receive its top award for medical students. Bria won the award for her years of public service work in the United States and abroad.

Bria started a peer-to-peer education group for high school girls to address teen pregnancy prevention across the state, across the nation and around the world, specifically in Peru and Kenya according to Dr. Kathryn Martin, associate dean at Medical College of Georgia.

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While at the Medical College, she founded Sisters Informing Health Living and Empowering, which aimed to combat not only teen pregnancy but sexually transmitted diseases and HIV through sex education, abstinence, and building self-esteem.

Bria also helped coordinate a free women’s clinic and meanwhile did research in women’s health, cervical cancer, and cardiovascular disease that earned national recognition. She also landed a residency at the University of California, San Francisco.

“I’m grateful that it has impacted so many people. That is the goal, I just didn’t think it would happen this early, I hope it just continues to grow,” Bria said.


Bria mentioned that her goal is to make an impact in her community and beyond adding that she is glad to see the result of what she has been striving for. ”And leave it better than it was when I came. That’s the goal,” she said.

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