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Young lady sets record as first-ever graduate in her family, wins UK Chevening scholarship to study for her masters

A young lady named Aminata Jaiteh becomes the first-ever graduate in her family as she bags her bachelor’s degree at the University of Gambia and is awarded the prestigious  Chevening scholarship to pursue her master’s degree.

Aminata Jaiteh graduated from the University of Gambia with a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Studies with an honors grade (Magna Cum Laude). She achieved the exceptional feat of winning a Chevening full scholarship to continue her postgraduate studies.

Aminata shared her achievement on Linkedin celebrating her win of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship for her masters. She stated that she will be joining the University of Sussex to study for her Master’s in Gender and Development Studies.

She mentioned that she is glad to be studying her dream course in the United Kingdom. Aminata said growing up in a cultural setting that often limited dreams for girls has made her defy norms and dare to dream big.

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She stated that she overcame her background marked by poverty, social injustice, and economic dependence and became the first university graduate in her family and currently serves as a global leader inspiring girls to dream and assert their rights.

She stated that driven by her work at The Girls’ Agenda, a nongovernmental organization she dedicated herself to achieving a postgraduate degree, one that would empower women and girls further.

Aminata said her Chevening journey reaffirmed that regardless of challenges, commitment, courage, discipline, and self-challenge lead to success. She said the journey involved late nights at the office editing essays and mock interviews, as well as overcoming internet connectivity issues while working in rural communities to complete her application.

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She expressed her gratitude to the UK in Gambia group, the Chevening Awards, the British Embassy Banjul, and the University of Sussex for giving her the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. She also thanked her mentors and lecturers who recommended her.

Aminata encouraged all girls out there to keep dreaming and chasing those dreams to become bigger, to be heard, and to change the world for the better.


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