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Young lady who lost her both hands and leg in an accident tackles challenges, becomes top model in the US

A determined lady named Victoria Salcedo who lost her legs and arms in an accident overcomes challenges to become a top fashion model in the United States.

Victoria is an Ecuadorian woman who ost her arms and legs after accidentally touching an electrical wire with a stick. when she was six years old. However, she did not let her condition stop her.

Instead of giving up, she persevered, pushed harder, and found ways to adapt to her new reality. Victoria learned how to complete daily tasks, like eating and doing her hair and makeup, using only her right leg.

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Eventually, she got fitted for a prosthetic leg. After being fitted for a prosthetic leg, Victoria fell in love with exercise and started working out regularly.

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She proved that working out was not enough, that despite missing limbs, she could perform in a competitive dance show against other dancers. Victoria participated in a famous dancing show and she performed breathtakingly which wowed the audience.

“Believe in yourself, stand firm and full of love for yourself so much that you infect whoever wants to discover you through their senses,” she said in an Instagram post after the show.

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At 19, Victoria was discovered by a modeling scout, and it was not long before she became a sought-after model in the industry, despite her missing limbs.  She was able to conquer the fashion industry despite facing an unimaginable tragedy.


“I never thought I’d be an influential person for other people, but I like to share my life with others. I like people writing to me and asking me questions, for them to know that they can count on me,” she said.

Victoria said her mission is to redefine beauty to the next level which she portrayed when she competed in the Miss Ecuador pageant in 2021. Her confidence, and grace on stage, along with her inspiring story broke down barriers and helped shift societal perceptions of what beauty truly means.

“I use what I’ve lived through, what I’ve learned, and I share that. To me, inspiring others is an opportunity to change people’s minds. It is a chance to share part of myself with others,” she said.

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Victoria stated that she hopes to encourage people to see beyond disabilities and to view amputees as being capable, strong, and beautiful through her work as a model and public figure. 




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