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Young man gets promotion to become principal of US school at 24 years old, sets outstanding record

A 24-year-old man named Kenneth Gorham has become the youngest-ever school principal in North Carolina, United States after being appointed head of the Movement Middle School, in Charlotte.

Kenneth Gorham is a graduate of Political Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the United States. His appointment as principal of Movement Middle School in North Carolina makes him the youngest person to reach that height in the state.

“I’m 24 years old. I actually turned 25 next week. I was in my head absolutely about my age, I was in my head absolutely about my years of experience, for sure,” he told WCNC Charlotte.

Kenneth had previously worked as a school teacher and instructional coach before he became a school principal at Movement School. Commenting about his appointment on Instagram, he said God had favoured him with the unique calling. 

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“I’d be lying if I said this truly didn’t feel like a dream. At 24 years old, God has favored me with such a unique calling; to lead, inspire, and foster a school environment that truly loves and values children,” he wrote on Instagram.

The school’s Superintendent Jenika Mullen in his comment described Kenneth as a person people will want to follow and be inspired by. “When we think about hiring, it is really about like your leadership competencies. Are you someone that people will want to follow and be inspired by? The answer is yes [for] Mr. Gorham,” Jenika Mullen said.


Kenneth credits his mother for their daily prayers for him. “If nothing else, Mommy this is for you. Every prayer you’ve prayed and word you’ve spoken over my life has come to pass. You are my heart forever. All of your hard work was not in vain. This is for you,” he said.

Ever since Gorham’s appointment, he makes efforts to support students in their goals. The students, as well as their parents, admire him for that.

“He always gives every student a walk-through Movement Middle School’s doors, he gives him a hug every morning. If not a hug, a high five,” said Moya Montgomery, a parent of one of the students.

Kenneth hopes he could lead by example and empower students at Movement School. “As a black male educator, as a black male leader, my job is truly to empower our children to show them like beyond what the world may believe or perceive. You can absolutely change that narrative every single day,” Gorham said.

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