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Young man who failed maths in high school finally bags first-class in Mathematics, graduates with an outstanding 4.63/5.00CGPA

A young man named Oboni David who struggled with mathematics in high school ultimately achieved a first-class degree in Mathematics and graduated with an outstanding 4.63/5.00 grade point at the University of Ilorin Nigeria.

David obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a first-class honors of 4.63 grade point average at the University of Ilorin. He said he grew up in the midst of people who feared mathematics which made him develop a strong dislike for the subject.

He mentioned that though he was excellent in other subjects except mathematics. However, his fear for mathematics changed with the help of his math teachers who tutored him with a strict and affectionate approach.

David stated that the strict approach of his mathematics teacher made him develop an interest and he began to understand some basic equations. ”One day, he looked at me and said, “DAVID, YOU ARE SMART, SO WHY DON’T YOU KNOW MATH? FOR EVERY QUESTION YOU FAIL, I WILL GIVE YOU TWO STROKES OF THE CANE,” along with a stack of 50+ assignments,” David said.

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”Immediately, I developed a keen interest in getting the answers right because he meant what he said. It was no easy task, but gradually, I began to understand some basic concepts,” he added.

David said his interest in math grew even more when his teacher paired him with the two best students in class which served as a challenge for him to work harder so as to meet up with them.

He said he wrote WAEC and passed the mathematics average after which he proceeded to enroll in an A’Level (IJMB) program in which math was one of my subject combinations. Despite having a challenge with mathematics again, David said he got closer with his maths teacher at the program who motivated and encouraged him.


”I studied relentlessly, reading math every day, and I carried that massive textbook with me everywhere. When I took the midterm test, I achieved an A in mathematics for the first time in my life. It was a moment of pure joy because I couldn’t believe it. This motivated me to prepare even harder for the final exam,” he said.

David said with his motivation, he found the courage to teach his classmates, which was an exciting experience for him. ”I could teach effectively because I understood what it felt like not to comprehend math. I knew the struggle because I had been there myself. This was where my interest in teaching began to take root,” he said.

He mentioned that another challenge he faced after he successfully passed the A-level program was with the university entrance exam which he failed twice but was able to pass on his third attempt which got him admission to study mathematics in the university.

David said he almost gave up on university because of his father’s financial status but he was able to persevere through the help of his uncle who sponsored his university fees. Though he did not take earning a first-class degree seriously, he was able to finish his first year with a a 4.49 grade point.

He mentioned that to assist himself financially, he decided to start a tutorial business called ‘MATHS SOLUTION TUTORIAL CENTRE (MSTC) where he thought of a student’s simple approach to earning an excellent grade in Mathematics.

”I helped students achieve A grades in their mathematics-related courses, and to the glory of God, the business grew. Everyone on campus offering math-related courses knows about us. We are known for our simple approach to teaching math, and we’ve recorded over 100 A grades over the years.,” he said.

He stated that juggling studies with business was very challenging but he was able to persevere through one of his students, Mr. Adebayo Oyewole Idowu who motivated him to continue to pursue attaining a first-class degree.

David attributed his success to his uncle Pastor Oboni Johnson, adding that he motivated and consistently encouraged him to strive for a first-class degree. He also thanked his parents and siblings for their unwavering support.

Advising other students, he told them that they can achieve whatever they set their mind on adding that they should not give up on their dreams as they will surely become a reality. David stated that he is ready for the next chapter life has for him with a positive mind.


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