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Young man who was told he is not good enough defeats negative thoughts, bags first-class degrees from Oxford and Cambridge university

An exceptional young man from the United Kingdom, Harry Camp has defeated a negative thought from one of his teachers who said he was not good enough to earn a degree from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Harry Camp who went ahead to become the best graduating student in the universities narrated that he was initially affected by the thought but decided to overcome such negative thoughts.

“5 years ago a careers rep told me ‘you are not the type for Oxbridge’ and that there was no point bothering to apply because I ‘wouldn’t be good enough’,” Harry Camp narrated on LinkedIn.

“For a while I let myself believe them, receiving only one uni offer in my final A-Level year,” he added.

Celebrating his Master’s degree graduation from the University of Oxford, Harry Camp revealed that he graduated top of his class and secured a distinction. He explained that he faced a choice of either believing in himself or believing in people’s opinions about him.

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“I faced a choice: stop believing what they said and start believing in yourself, or forever wonder what you could have achieved. And so I worked and worked and worked,” he explained.

“Cut to now – I am a first-class, prize-winning graduate of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. I’m the first person in my family to go to university,” he added.


With a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s in English and Literature, Harry Camp has now built an extraordinary network of mentors and peers that now work to “unlock the talent Britain needs to create a fair and prosperous future.”

“Make no mistake — others will doubt you. At times, you will doubt yourself. It will never be an easy ride,” Harry Camp advises upcoming scholars.


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