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Young Nigerian Lady who graduated with 5.00/5.00 CGPA in Law gets ₦10m award for breaking record

An exceptional Nigerian lady named Yusuf Aminat Imoitesemeh has bagged a Law degree with an outstanding 5.00/5.00 cumulative grade point from the Lagos State University (LASU), Nigeria. She was awarded a sum of 10 million naira and automatic employment after emerging as the overall best student of the institution.

Aminat Yusuf broke the 40-year-old record of Lagos State University Nigeria after scoring a perfect 5.00 cumulative grade point average. She was first admitted into the Diploma in Law program which runs for two years and she aced the program with a 4.98 cumulative Grade Point.

Then she furthered on by entering into the bachelor’s degree program in the Faculty of Law at the University. She remained outstanding all through the five-year course in school scoring A in all the tests and examinations she participated in.
Now she has bagged her Law degree with the highest-grade point average which made her the overall best student of the 2021/2022 academic session at Lagos state university.

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The Vice-chancellor of LASU, Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji Bello announced her as the top of all 282 first-class graduates that was recorded for the 2021/2022 session with a 5.00 GPA which is recorded as the first in the institution’s 40 years of history.

The governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwoolu who attended the convocation ceremony was amazed by her laudable feat and in turn awarded Aminat a sum of 5 million naira from his personal account and 5 million from the Lagos State Government account.

“Congratulations to Aminat Yusuf Imoitsemeh for graduating with a perfect CGPA of 5.0 in Law, I’m pleased to announce a personal donation of N5m and an additional N5m from the State Government to recognize her outstanding achievement. Well done Aminat,’’ the governor commented.

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Announcing on his Twitter page, the governor of her (EDO) state, Governor Godwin Obaseki described her as a record-setting persona. He offered her automatic employment in the state public service immediately after her youth service.

“I am honored to offer our record-setting Miss Yusuf Aminat automatic employment in the state’s public service. To complement our efforts to create the best work environment, we intend to attract and retain the best talent. Miss Aminat, we remain proud of you. The world is your oyster,” Obaseki tweeted.

Governor Obaseki also approved that she will be sponsored on scholarship for one year in the Nigerian Law School and that the government will be responsible for the provision of all her needs till she completes the program.

Talking about her achievement, Aminat said she was really happy with her achievement as she fantasized about it and worked towards achieving the goal right after she graduated with the highest grade in her diploma program.

“I remember fantasizing about achieving a remarkable feat in this prestigious university. of I first did Diploma in Law program, which runs for two years, in which students are taught compulsory law courses, with a view to offering direct entry admission to top-class students,” Aminat said.

“I studied really hard and prayed so fervently towards achieving excellence; I graduated from the program with a CGPA 4.98 and this was the best in my set.”The possibility of graduating with such grade motivated the yearning to graduate with a perfect CGPA at the undergraduate level,” she added.

She also said the events that occurred after she was announced as the overall best-graduating student have really motivated her and she hopes her story will inspire students like her to strive for excellence.

“The events of the past few days have motivated me to share in brief my story, in a bid to inspire many others who are in a similar situation as I was and are striving towards excellence,” she said

She mentioned that her journey at LASU was not a smooth one as it may have been perceived, she had to deal with financial struggles considering the fact that her parents were not financially buoyant. And being the first child, she only requested their support under a circumstance she cannot control.

“I called for financial support only under compelling circumstances, after I have exhausted all options. As a result, I experienced some serious financial constraints during my two plus four years stay at LASU, In 200 Level, second semester, just because I needed to get a browsing phone and get trained in computer skills, I saved up about 90 percent of my feeding allowance,” Aminat said.

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Aminat said another challenge she faced was accommodation issues as she lived in the university premises because she had no hostel and it was not convenient for her to go home every day.

“For most part of my days an undergraduate, I lived in the university premises, because I had no hostel, and going home everyday would have been absolutely inconvenient, the school had a stand-by security and standard lighting system, so, it was safe for me; my major challenge was having to attend lectures everyday in a neatly ironed white and black dress, acting like everything was perfect,” Aminat recalled.

Aminat expressed her gratitude to her parents for their unending support, stating that their motivated her from their different careers. She also thanked her lecturers for impacting excellence with a dedicated mind into her and also the LASU management for sustaining the conducive environment that contributed to her excellent performance.

“I am deeply grateful to my parents for their sacrifice, and unwavering support towards my education. My parents really motivated me from their different careers; my father is a journalist while my mother is a businesswoman,” Aminat said. “Thanks to my faculty lecturers for their reflex of excellence, commitment, and dedication teaching us to be the best,’’ she added

She called on notable and generous Nigerians to invest in the education sector, lauding the student loan act that has just been introduced into the country.

“I believe this will no doubt be of immeasurable value to our education system. While I struggled financially through my education, I don’t desire such hardship for students coming behind us, especially the female students,” Yusuf said.

Aminat said she will be giving back to society with her knowledge of the law that guides the people by opening a YouTube channel which she will tag ‘’Learning Law with Aminat’’.

“I will like to use this opportunity to launch a YouTube channel tagged ‘Learning Law with Aminat’ with a goal of giving back to society through my immediate community,” Aminat said.

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