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Young Nigerian Lady wins big in the UK, bags masters degree and full-time employment

A young Nigerian lady named Adewola Faderera has achieved remarkable success in the United Kingdom by earning a master’s degree and securing a full-time job before she graduates.

Adewola Faderera bagged a Master Of Science degree at the De Montfort University Leicester in the United Kingdom. She shared her achievement of earning the degree on Instagram, stating that she did not only graduate she also secured a full-time Job.

Faderera said leaving her country to study in the United Kingdom was a very difficult decision for her as she was doing well in Nigeria but she is glad she took the step as it turned out to be one of the most transformative experiences of her life.

”Leaving behind my life in Nigeria, a place where I had been doing relatively well, was an incredibly difficult decision to make. Yet, it was a decision born out of ambition, dreams, and a desire to grow beyond my comfort zone,” Faderera said.

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”Little did I know then that this journey to the United Kingdom would be one of the most transformative experiences of my life,” she added. Faderera mentioned that she faced some challenges when she first relocated to study in the United Kingdom.

She said she encountered numerous hurdles, ranging from adapting to a new culture to navigating the sophistication of academic life in the United Kindom. However, Faderera said her perseverance and the opportunities provided by the country and the university helped her to find her ground.

She added that the United Kingdom has not only enriched her with academic knowledge but also broadened her learning and introduced her to various cultures and views. She added that her getting a full-time job upon graduation is one of the opportunities the country gave her.

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”Today, as I proudly graduate with a master’s degree, I want to share my immense gratitude. The United Kingdom has not only enriched my academic knowledge but also broadened my horizons, introducing me to diverse cultures and perspectives,” Faderera said.

”I’m thrilled to say that I’m also graduating with a full-time job, a testament to the opportunities this country has provided,” she added. Faderera said the journey taught her the significance of resilience, the value of pursuing their dreams, and the priceless support of loved ones.

She said she expresses deep gratitude for every moment of this adventure and will carry the lessons learned and the love received with them as she steps into a new chapter.  She thanked her family and friends for their support, encouragement and presence everytime she needs them.

Faderera said she anticipates the future with excitement and optimism, with awareness of her family’s love and experiences from her time in the United Kingdom  expressing gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the journey.

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